Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana #23
April 12, 2014
Remove SOME Shade Leaves Encourage New Growth
April 12, 2014

KEEP THROWING YOUR SHOES AT HILLARY! so trendy!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. 234cheech says:

    ya getting the stage rocking on 420 buddy

  2. 234cheech says:

    it takes anyware from 8 to 15 weerks in flower

  3. trendyasdabbers says:

    fuck youtube just made me miss 4:20 because they have fucked software

  4. 1spore2 says:

    happy birthday man!

  5. superdank nugs says:

    hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY nay

  6. lex johnson says:

    do a cooking video

  7. north seven o five says:

    lol @ calling the woman who threw the shoe a warrior, I laughed so fucking
    hard when you said that

  8. tonymengela says:

    Hey MAN!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! best wishes for you!!!

  9. dustyowl99 says:

    happy fucking birthday bro keep spreading the cannabis knowledge 

  10. 234cheech says:

    but strains can differ

  11. paul-area51-ev says:

    happy b-day mr nay 🙂

  12. Stoner Simpson says:

    happy birthday!!, do a night sesh too please +trendyasdabbers 

  13. Jorma Kaukonen says:


  14. 6271tony says:

    Happy Birthday Nay!!

  15. Jorma Kaukonen says:

    hows your band doing?

  16. 234cheech says:

    it usuly takes 6 weeks growing in veg

  17. Hrod750 says:

    hey nay im about to upload my videos so you can see my plant

  18. Ivan Boswell says:

    the sound effects were killer

  19. superdank nugs says:

    paul and charlie i subed to you guys

  20. 234cheech says:

    thare should be a ban of shitty made products

  21. Nathan Johnson says:

    Nay will you be streaming anymore today?

  22. Rumpelstiltskin Extracts says:

    happy b dizzle sir

  23. Charlie Sims says:

    Happy bday Nay!!

  24. 2ruthfox82 says:

    happy bday bub

  25. Shaun Nay says:

    Happy birthday Nay! Thumbs up For you bro

  26. 234cheech says:

    i mean tthay just are a load of fucking crap

  27. Xousa says:

    Happy birthday!

  28. 234cheech says:


  29. 234cheech says:

    it is too me

  30. 234cheech says:

    its only 42min past the hour

  31. yuri michigan says:

    happy birthday my friend hope you have a great day cheers nay

  32. Levi Juarez says:

    happy bithday nay

  33. Hrod750 says:

    Nay is there a way to send you a pic and see what you think of my plant
    cause the light just turned on?

  34. Ivan Boswell says:

    isn’t it 4:20 somewhere..?…lol

  35. Sam Ragan says:

    Hey man I was gonna have me a smoke session then I seen you was live I was
    like ooooo doggy its gonna be a goooooooood morning

  36. FelonyWeight says:

    Happy Birthday O’ King of all that is Trendy!!!!!!!

  37. HappyHighTime says:


  38. Michael J. says:

    Happy Birfday Nay!

  39. brandon wiley says:

    yo whats up nay

  40. Ivan Boswell says:

    Good morning.

  41. HappyHighTime says:

    Yoo brother! What’s good?! Yo Trendys! THUMBS UP!

  42. jonny bravo says:

    Happy smoking day

  43. thejointmaster420 says:


  44. Ivan Boswell says:

    it’s a bacon Birthday..???..bacon and cheese birthday wishes Trendy

  45. Hrod750 says:


  46. IronLungs Mcgee says:


  47. Nathan Johnson says:

    Nay how long does it take for your plants to grow fully?

  48. Trendy Jordan says:

    Happy birthday Nay! Awesome Dabs yo! Cheers man!

  49. Ivan Boswell says:

    happy birthday bro…see you soon..

  50. Jorma Kaukonen says:

    but its not a big deal