Just got done in the Grow!

“The Godfather” strain review
April 3, 2013
1st update Re-potting Clones Critical Kush #2 – Delvite 2013
April 3, 2013

Just got done in the Grow!


  1. MrSASKID says:

    Cheers NAY

  2. 620tonka says:

    do it

  3. 620tonka says:

    sooooo fucking beautiful

  4. MrSASKID says:

    i just got a new bong the other day it looks the same except its red. no idea how im going to clean it any tips?

  5. 620tonka says:

    hell ya

  6. UntamedRacer says:

    certainly looks unreal now

  7. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN says:

    selling weed to sick people is like living a dream for some. feels nice to help those in need and do what you love all at the same )

  8. grandaddynative says:

    Have you checked or tried the PH perfect line?

  9. MrSASKID says:

    thanks i been waiting 🙂 what piece you using?

  10. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN says:

    how does nay make money

  11. butterfinger444 says:

    i just favorited your tweet

  12. grandaddynative says:

    bongs rule

  13. MrSASKID says:

    i gotta bounce NAY stay trendy bro!

  14. butterfinger444 says:

    @thecatliveson is me

  15. 620tonka says:

    fruity pebbles

  16. 620tonka says:

    hell yes. Im amazed by it

  17. MrSASKID says:

    bong hit! bong hit! :)

  18. UntamedRacer says:

    miss when you used to say “ima put a little oil on it” or “make it special niace yes” fuck man classic nay

  19. 620tonka says:

    hell ya 

  20. UntamedRacer says:

    send it in man

  21. MrSASKID says:

    my birthday is coming up 😉 i will hint for my buddy’s to get me some

  22. MrSASKID says:

    did you tweet out the fruit loop bud pics?

  23. 620tonka says:

    if they dont use it, its their loss.

  24. MrSASKID says:

    okay thanks! i will try that when she gets dirty :)

  25. MrSASKID says:

    LOL fruit loops makes my mouth water haha

  26. enlightenfawn says:

    mmm yummy, can I Have a Bite?;-)

  27. grandaddynative says:

    free is good

  28. MrSASKID says:

    lol i found it

  29. grandaddynative says:

    sounds good

  30. 620tonka says:


  31. 620tonka says:

    sup with the famous rainbow bud? that was amazing.

  32. MrSASKID says:

    i havnt been keeping up lately been super busy with school. so kinda out of the trendy loop :p and whats your most active channel?

  33. MrSASKID says:

    NAY hows your music coming? have you been playing lots?

  34. MrSASKID says:

    how does it smell??

  35. cyaard says:

    We used heavy harvest indoors and they were super green and healthy

  36. UntamedRacer says:

    hahaha so jokes

  37. grandaddynative says:

    Hi Nay. Yeah,  advanced nutes are the bomb

  38. grandaddynative says:

    Hey Nay, any new diamond stuff going on?

  39. MrSASKID says:

    i retweeted as well

  40. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN says:

    thats worth a smoke… jus a lil biiit

  41. UntamedRacer says:

    wow thats great, so many colors

  42. MrSASKID says:

    can you tweet it out?

  43. MrSASKID says:

    hahahah NAY your quite as fuuuck right now. :p

  44. Nay Trendy says:

    fuckers wont let me put a link

  45. 620tonka says:


  46. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN says:

    XD moking is stupid nay

  47. 620tonka says:

    sup nay!

  48. MrSASKID says:

    i havnt been keeping up lately been super busy with school. so kinda out of the trendy loop :p and whats your most active channel?

  49. 620tonka says:

    i do ya

  50. grandaddynative says:

    Free Advanced is second to free electricity. Luuucky