Jorge Cervantes – Testing Water

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May 2, 2013
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May 2, 2013

Jorge Cervantes - Testing WaterHere’s a video on testing water, with some easy tips to help you in your garden! If you want to ask me questions, I hang out at my new Marijuana Growing (www…


  1. AbleBobArt1 says:

    greeting from montenegro — ///
    Documentary on Water – Вода – Rare English Version

  2. dirtybongwater4678 says:

    that water is cleaner then my city water

  3. jamiela91 says:

    I’d like to know your life story too Jorge your a very wise and interesting man and I’d love to see a compilation of pics or old vids from baby to now I know your a writer so you may have already thought of this but your like the superstar of the growing community across the world and I know you have a good story to tell

  4. Jorge Cervantes says:

    I will be happy to answer questions on my site that is listed above under “show more”

    I´m looking forward to your questions on my forum.


  5. NGT4LIFE says:

    you should actually experiment like i have.when i used synthetic nutrients in the past,i put lime in my soil,i didnt ph adjust my 8.5 ph tap water.i didnt have any lockout problems,but i did in the soil i added no dolomite lime too.
    i now grow organically,its even easier.

  6. Barber j says:

    Check out my 4-20 song
    “Barber J ft. GJ Hood and Tee – 4-20”
    Thumbs up for all the stoners

  7. Karen Yung says:

    Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t drink melted chem-trail snow …

  8. trebor1258 says:

    AWESOME teacher and educator.Thank Jorge. i miss your dreds

  9. pac6010 says:

    Really the PH of your water just doesn’t matter in soil as much. The soil will always have microbes in it that adjust it to what the plant needs to take up nutrients. As long as you are organic and are not using chemicals that kill off the soil biology. I grow a garden every year with my 8 PH water and clay bound soil, everything from tomatoes to herbs. They all do well and produce huge yields with no problem. Cannabis is no different but like he said indoor pots would need to be watched.

  10. Jahnjensen says:

    Jorge, you should do a “draw my life” video. i would just love to see how you became the cannabis guru we all know and love 🙂 Big ups buddy!

  11. dirtybongwater4678 says:

    thank you for the vid

  12. Adam Weber says:

    DO IT JORGE !!!  Please!

  13. TheCrunchymango says:

    im pretty sure that water (the one that had the PH of 8 was used?) would of not given you the correct reading ????

  14. rockyta21 says:

    Ground oyster shells (ground or crushed) also help to buffer/balance ph. Too bad they are so hard to find in the mountains 🙂

  15. trax4demon says:

    Damn there slot fake ass people on here Jorge thank you for your post

  16. trax4demon says:

    Jack your down devoted cause u like Dick

  17. jonny7748 says:

    Having read and heard that 5.8-65 was best over all, and some others saying that going a bit higher after fruit, and now this 6.8-7.0, I am confused. I have had many successful crops at 6.1 ph (not sure of PPM, as I do not yet have a tester), but often the tops of the plants seem to suffer, (mostly the top 4-6 fan leaves). Should I try raising the PH or is there a difference to growing outdoors (I wish)? Would it varry by strain as well? Thanks for your advice and all the work you do as always!

  18. PistilPalace says:

    we got 8.3ph and 120ppm and it works great, the biobizz nutes and additives i use buffer it down quite alot after mixing and my soil buffers the rest, when im just watering without feed i dont even bother to ph it down

    and the soil gets reused

  19. 74lorentzen says:

    … and that was the right before he got the shits for hours.

  20. Corey W says:

    his cannabis plants are like trees

  21. Benswan187 says:

    @Jack Herer shut the fuck you professional prick. We will worship Jorge all we like he is a legend. There will be a ton of stuff he knows that you don’t. It just goes to show that everybody even Jorge has stuff to learn. So if you don’t like these facts, fuck off!

  22. MrShizzy1337 says:


    You didn’t understand what Jorge was demonstrating..
    Jorge tested the PH of the water they were using to grow those plants. He was surprised to see it was 8.0 He said the PH of the soil probably neutralized the PH of the water.. Therefore, Jorge correctly used the H2O they water with, mixing it with their soil and just as he predicted, the PH was damn near perfect. 😉

  23. Aleksei Finageiv says:

    i think why jorge dont pull the fukll water in the pot after my third time seen this video i see that the water was going to strong and if he put the full water wopukld jumo water in his face, jorge is experience!

  24. Red Lion says:

    Thanks for the information!

  25. Ángel Carreño Sánchez says:

    haras algun video en español? no entiendo la mitad de lo que dices jaja

  26. Adam Weber says:

    “Black” really?
    u hate

  27. RastaMan91L says:

    goooood WEED. MniamMniam

    I’M SEE U 🙂

  28. bazbonehead says:

    of course i’m going to down vote your comment. this is jorge cervantes here. tell me, how many people do you inspire to grow every day? anywhere near the 4 million youtube channel views he has? have your own strain of marijuana, licenced by one of the best seed banks do you? chill with all the biggest stoners and growers do you? no. so shut it! its very simple to show respect, but even easier to be a retard and disrespect your elders. he wrote the Weed Bible for fuck sake. show some manners.

  29. Carl Coglan says:

    Happy 42O

  30. Benswan187 says:

    Wow! Some people just bang on and on……

  31. rockyta21 says:

    Great video Jorge! Thank you

  32. DrGreenHands420 says:

    Everyone that loves weed check out MY CANNABIS PAGE SHOW SOME LOVE!

  33. Noirceur66 says:

    Thank you posting your informative videos, Jorge. It’s great to see someone whose so passionate about growing these living organisms.

  34. EscapeArtist86 says:

    Maybe this pH method is enough for a basic range but if you want an accurate value, try the following method:
    Mix 40g of soil with 100ml of deionized or distilled water and stir it well. Stir again after 30 minutes, measure the pH of the solution after 1 hour.
    The pH value you need also depends on what you grow your plants in.

    EC (/ppm):
    Mix 40g of soil with 400ml of deionized or distilled water in a bottle and shake it as much as you can in 1 hour. Then, filter it and measure EC.

  35. jonny rotten says:

    living soils are where its at! Such a peacefull informative farmer you are jorge! I wonder if folks realize how special folks like you are nowadays? Anywho keep em comin sir cause i for one LOVE your vids!

  36. Jack Herer says:

    1:40 “Because I just learned this” You fags can downvote my comment, but he should know that shit. That’s Organics 101 for fucks sake. Stop blindly worshiping this guy. Sycophants

  37. Notof Thisworld says:

    :+) :+) :+)

  38. buckeye420growth says:

    whats considered too high of a ppm range?

  39. greenthumb tully says:

    The main purpose of lime is to increase the pH level of garden soil (making it more alkaline or “sweet”), ultimately correcting the acidity of soil. And, since plants are not able to get the nutrients from soil that is too acid, lime helps vegetables get needed nutrients and grow.

  40. NGT4LIFE says:

    youre wrong,dolomite lime is great at keeping your soil ph in check.this is why itis used in horticulture often,and its in many top quality soils.

  41. lawlersdonkydoodle1 says:

    reaaaaly i work around that stuff as a living!
    thankyou so much man i will be looking into that now.

  42. Herb Staley says:

    There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what dolomite does in soil and soilless mixes, according to wikipedia (google dolomite) “In horticulture, dolomite and dolomitic limestone are added to soils and soilless potting mixes to lower their acidity and as a magnesium source. Home and container gardening are common examples of this use” dolomite buffers acid only. it does nothing with high pH because it is alkaline”

  43. Herb Staley says:

    “In horticulture, dolomite and dolomitic limestone are added to soils and soilless potting mixes to lower their acidity and as a magnesium source. Home and container gardening are common examples of this use” just google dolomite on wikipedia that is where I got this quote. dolomite buffers acid only. it does nothing with high pH because it is alkaline. Hope this helps.

  44. lawlersdonkydoodle1 says:

    to bad he has made a global effect with the way we grow an you have done nothing , ahaha he is a legend buddy lay off

  45. 1CALIFAZBEAR says:

    Jorge Cervantes, you’re a true OG…. I’ve been a big fan for quite some time now. Fuck all these haters they can go suck a Black Dick! Keep doing what you do best Jorge. Much Lubb bro.✌

  46. bazbonehead says:

    and thankyou, without your clear, concise and non-patronisng youtube videos, my spanish crops wouldn’t get all the attention deserve. last year i merely ‘planted’ them and left them to it with some irrigation. this year they are getting the full Jorge treatment, fencing for those damned Jabali who just want to dig them up and a completely organic plot with lots of variety and hopefully some fantastic yields come october!

  47. jimi tona says:

    you are checking PPM.& PH of the water? 8.0
    then you check the PH of the soil with tick tack container & pill..? rite.?
    soil + Pill powder + water = accurate ph of the soil.. rite?
    Did you just use the Alkine water to mix it all up.?
    how can you get an accurate reading if your using non neutral water?
    my guess is that the soil is a very good drainage soil with all the perlite & vermiculite.
    therefore letting exsess alkiline water drain off & not effecting the plant in a harmful way.

  48. Indisputable Evidence says:

    Thats awesome how he can figure it out in his head before he even tested it, and he was right! years of experience sure add up. love the videos, Jorge

  49. zippadaddyrabbit says:

    Jorge, thanks man you’ve helped me from the beginning to where I am now three years later, I still considers myself a novice . I appreciate your help.

  50. Benswan187 says:

    I know this!