John Conroy Post-Allard et al. Proceedings Interview

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February 25, 2015
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February 25, 2015

Day one of the Allard trial has officially wrapped up and Cannabis in Canada’s Jason Wilcox sat down with Mr. John Conroy, Q.C., to discuss the case. Many activists showed their support outside…


  1. MastahRolla says:

    Thank you for your work!

  2. Canna Medication says:

    Thanks wish i could be there!!!

  3. sublBS says:

    Growing your own Medicine has a very high therapeutic Value, It also
    brings gratitude to the grower no different then one who produces his own
    fruit/vegetable garden. These Factory like grows are probably producing
    more tainted Cannabis then the original Mom and Pop grows ever have.
    ~RESPECT~ Jason you truly are the Man…. John Conroy Too…. Thank you

  4. Cannabis In Canada says:
  5. Al Boisvert says:

    Thank you John Conroy, KIrk and all the lawyers involved

  6. HighMouth says:

    “Herbal Medicine”.
    I like that term.
    Why do certain people feel so strongly about preventing other people from
    growing their own herbal medicine in their home?
    Herbal medicine that relives chronic pain and inflammation.