Jodi’s dad: She hasn’t been honest since age 14


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Jodi's dad: She hasn't been honest since age 14Jodi Arias’ father says that busting Jodi for growing marijuana when she was a teen forever changed their relationship.

9 comments on “Jodi’s dad: She hasn’t been honest since age 14

  1. BlueDreamBro on

    Just my .02
    I don’t believe that some people should see daylight ever again in their life (Child molesters, Rapist, cereal killers, abuse/killing on children/elderly, etc.) I say we pull out the noose for them.
    On the other hand, I believe some prisoners (involuntary manslaughter, murder, illegal distribution/use/making of drugs, parole violations, arson, robbery, minor white collar criminals, etc.) can all be rehabilitated.
    That’s just me. We are wasting money keeping child molesters alive.

  2. BlueDreamBro on

    I have a question… Please excuse me if I sound foolish, I honestly don’t know.
    But isn’t this a murder trial? Why are they paying attention to what her father supposedly did to her as a kid? Why not pay attention to the facts of the murder and who she killed instead of her life as a child? I have had a pretty hard life myself, but I’m sure if I killed someone that would be no aid in my case if I killed someone.
    Could someone please politely explain? Thanks.

  3. SuperChristianLife on

    I am a Christian but I do believe if someone kills and its not in self denfence or protecting any person or country they should be sentence to death. I do believe Jodi does deserve the death sentence for her violent acts. I cant believe shes getting all of this medi, they should just hold her accountable and sentence her to death. One average it cost the American Tax Dollars $35,000 per inmat per year. The world dont need people like this.

  4. BeTtErLuCkNeXtTmIe04 on

    It’s more expensive to sentence them to death. They’re appeals and roughly 12 years or more than that. Rom 8 does say that the death penalty isn’t discouraged. In a way I agree. You may lose you’re physical life, but your soul can be saved, Salvation is a free gift that we cannot earn. If she’s been saved.

  5. lllwarchildlll on

    The first time he searched his daughters room was when she was 14 years old? What were you doing the first 13 years? Watching football and scratching your balls on the couch? What a moron. You make a child, and you neglected to actually pay attention to it until you had to. You’re just as fuckin stupid as the parents leaving loaded guns against the living room wall thinking the kid isn’t going to touch it. Good job failing as a parent. Seriously.

  6. sydandtaytum on

    who the fuck are u to decide who gets to live and who gets to die? your stupid entitlement makes u think that somehow you know it all. there is a such thing as rehabilitation- something the IMMORAL eye-for-an-eye american culture seems to always ignore. we have more people in jail per population than any other nation in the world. we sure like locking people up and forgetting about them. idiots like you are the reason why criminals stay criminals- u c everything in black & white.

  7. Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. on

    The appropriate response would have been to confront his daughter and give her the option of seeing a counselor.

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