Jason Wilcox Speaks at CannaFest 2014

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December 10, 2014
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December 10, 2014

Cannabis in Canada’s Jason Wilcox gives an address on the MMAR Coalition against Repeal’s work and legalization in Canada during the inaugural CannaFest. Music by: Izespe – 9jul Find CinC…


  1. Cannabis In Canada says:

    Jason gives a 15 min speech on the MMAR Coalition’s work and outlooks on
    legalization for Canada at this years 1st annual Cannafest festivities.

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  2. Mike Snelgrove says:

    my father was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and i called health
    canada to ask about an exemption or some kind of way he is able to grow his
    own medicine as he’s on a fixed income and can’t afford prohibition pricing
    from Tweed for fuck sake i can’t wait till february, I’m so sickened by the
    new regulations that monopolize the system and allow people like my father
    to suffer till the day he dies, Please Jason don’t give up. please fight
    till the end so patients like myself and my father who is seriously ill can
    get help and justice. I have a ATP myself but it is useless unless we can
    grow our own unfortunately my ATP was issued two weeks after the date the
    new regulations came into affect rendering it absolutely useless unless it
    is grandfathered in some way come february. thank you so much

  3. Canna Medication says:

    Thank you Jason…

  4. Canna Medication says:

    Thank you Jason…

  5. Cannabis In Canada says: