Is it illegal to sell products which promote (sorta) growing marijuana? ?

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Marijuana Growing
Caleb asked:

I came across this site which allows you to grow ‘plants’ or marijuana in a PC box. Is it illegal to sell products which directly promote growing marijuana? The site is


14 comments on “Is it illegal to sell products which promote (sorta) growing marijuana? ?

  1. Mickey Mouse Spears on

    No, it’s not illegal. It’s illegal to sell marijuana in most (if not all) states, and it’s illegal to possess marijuana in most states, but paraphernalia for using or cultivating marijuana, in-and-of-itself is not illegal. However, if you possess any paraphernalia that contains residue, that can be enough to warrant charges for possession.

  2. Cowboy on

    Nope. It is how you market it. Indoor gardens are just those. It doesnt have to have anything to do with MJ. Same with pipes and so forth. You can say they are for tobacco. Its all in the wording. Totally LEGAL.

  3. clarry on

    generally, it’s not legal but there are loopholes in the law in some countries that allow you to grow but no use, or use and not sell. Some countries are more relaxed than others on this…

  4. LeAnne on

    In the state where I live, it is illegal to sell “drug paraphernalia” – what the hell ever that might be – so, yes, I suppose it might be illegal at least in this state.

  5. Tyler a.k.a mr.yummy on

    it is called knowingly possesing an illegal substance (or something like that)
    Possesing even a plant of it is against the law
    and if you grow the police might think your selling to others which is up to life in prison
    SO DO NOT BUY IT REPORT IT TO THE POLICE and they can track down the webmaster and arrest him for distribution of illegal substanses

  6. Thierry Gautier Hardin on

    As long as a disclaimer is made, indicating that the product is not intended for use with any illegal activity, no law is broken. If however, the product cannot be used for any other purpose but for illegal purposes, then yes, sale of such a product is illegal.

  7. Johnson M on

    They’re selling a box w/ fans and lights in it, that’s not illegal. I can grow because I’m a prescribed user in CA, but that doesn’t apply to most ppl here.

  8. Christy on

    No. The same way it is not illegal to sell/produce print items such as “High Times.”

    Pcgrowcase is simply selling a shell. They are not selling plants. Even if they were, depending on where they are based out of (say, Amsterdam) it wouldn’t be illgeal. The purchase of the case isn’t illegal, either. It is the actual growing of pot that is.

  9. SmokeyD on

    No. Most of those products are for companies based outside of the U.S. anyway. It’s legal to promote drug use, but illegal to use drugs. You can sell guns and bullets, but you can’t shoot people. Same difference.

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