Is growing marijuana legal in your state/country?

September 1, 2010
Marijuana Growing
♥♥Proud Mum of 2♥♥ asked:

It is legal ito grow 2 plants where i live but only for personal use, if you get caught trying to sell it or with it packed in bags for sale you get fined.


  1. magicclit56 says:

    its illegal in eveyr state

  2. jasballa007 says:

    Nope. Indiana

  3. Jon Doe says:

    Very illegal where i’m from.

  4. sugaree says:

    it’s not illegal to grow it…it’s just illegal to possess it.

  5. travus72 says:

    kentucky in certin parts its leagel

  6. netamineko says:

    I heard in some states it is legal for medicinal purposes, but I don’t know how you’d actually proove that.

  7. Scobill says:

    It is certainly illegal in UK where there have been convictions for people who have being using a rented flat to grow dozens of plants . They get found out when the electricity bills show much higher usage than would be expected

  8. *~*~* says:

    Do you live in Canada or something? It’s illegal here, I live in Ohio.

  9. lakoonshia J says:

    No, but it seems to be legal to rip the American people off of their life savings.

  10. Miss Prosthetic Synthesis says:

    it’s illegal pretty much everywhere except Amsterdam obviously.

  11. wiki_wizard says:

    its illegal here. darn. not stopping anyone though and its pretty easy to get away with. especially if you grow it indoors.
    its about time for the cannabis to be legal.

  12. MandyCook says:

    Nope!!! Very illegal!! Alabama!

  13. Doug says:

    the above commenter is wrong.

    There are very few states that allow personal use. CA and AK are as far as I know the only two states that allow personal use. However many states allow for growing if it is for medicinal purposes. That changes things a bit becuase they require Rx’s. I think CA, AK, VT, and RI are the medicinal states but that might be innacurate.

  14. Weasel says:

    To the best of my knowledge, if you have a botanical collectors licence in South Africa, you are allowed to own the plants, but not smoke or sell. The number you are allowed to own is 2 or 3 of each species as far as i know.

  15. macy says:

    In the UK it is illegal and if you are caught, the assumption is that you are growing it for gain and you can go to jail for it.

  16. danyel v says:


  17. Heidi B says:

    Illegal in Tennessee- it’s ridiculous that we continue to waste jail space and tax dollars by keeping marijuana illegal- especially considering the fact that alcohol is legal- it’s ridiculous!

    To Made in the 80’s- please do research before posting as it is legal in the United States in some instances, UGH

  18. Ryan's Bunny says:

    no, nowhere in the US

  19. Jeff says:

    Its illegal everywhere, except for amsterdam

  20. Golden says:

    illegal in washington. what state are you from?

  21. ms. sarcasm says:

    it is illegal where i am from (ohio). i think it’s stupid! legalize it, tax it, and get our country out of debt!

  22. ~Papi™ Chulo *Taken*~ says:

    Extremely illegal in almost all aspects in Arizona (US).

    Virtually illegal worldwide.

  23. did a surgeon repossess ur face? says:

    yupp it’s illegal….people before you answer a question, do your research……UGH

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  24. SPUD says:

    I could be wrong or they are try to get it in, but i think here in perth australia,you can grow one plant,but if your’e raided,you can’t have scales/bags,you can’t have it divided up or else its classified as sell/supply

  25. just what we think says:

    It is illegal in every state in america due to federal laws. It is illegal in amsterdam, tolerated but illegal.

    Bangladesh and antarctica are the only places with no laws against cannabis

  26. gerard d says:

    i am from Cali they grow and sell it there for legal people that have fake cards bought at about 200 dollars or you can grow in Canada in some place and in Amsterdam you can have a certain amount like 3 or 4 before it starts to cost you money or time in jail but two is fine in Netherlands where i live 2 hours away from and frequently cross the border up there you can find everything you need to get started growing or probably in your own neighborhood there is a hydro store you don’t know about and mail order seeds to get started or . com it