River Trail Scooter Vlog
March 20, 2015
Joey Diaz – True Friendship at a Memorial Service – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored
March 20, 2015

In this episode we prune up and top the Cynex clones to get them ready for super-cropping.


  1. coby steeders organics says:

    im confused i thought blakes birthday was the 17th ? anyway your girls are
    looking nice now. i cant wait to see the purple urkle afgani indica clones
    they sound the bomb!! (“,)

    you guys rule peace & respect from (sco)

  2. London Grower says:

    Looking good man! The topping method you couldn’t remember the name of is
    the F.I.M technique, stands for “fuck I missed”. You don’t have to be that
    precise, you just have to cut a bit higher than if you were topping,
    cutting through the top and leaving about one-third. Personally I don’t
    like the fim method, I don’t like how the leaves grow. So how much longer
    will you veg those sativa’s?

  3. Frank Grows says:

    Second lol Yea buddy awesome vid brothers an happy late bday Blake growers
    love guys

  4. Grow Colorado says:

    you guys clone anything you take off?

  5. darkangelsoaps says:

    First again! Wooooooooo!
    Happy Birthday Blake!! The other topping method you mentioned is called
    FIM’ing. It stands for fuck i missed. Another grower named Butts has an
    excellent video on this technique with a great diagram at 10:50. Here is
    the link to that video. This
    technique gives you four tops instead of two plus two new branches at every
    internode down the stem. I tried this method and then supercropped and then
    FIM’ed again on every branch that rose up from super cropping and I now
    have 144 tops on a plant that fills a 2 feet x 2 feet area. It really
    works! But you do have to be exact when making your cuts. The diagram shows
    you exactly where this cut needs to be. Great video and good to see you
    guys again!

  6. j. wick says:

    Happy birthday bro! please post tomorrow, I’d love to see hungover Blake
    and get a couple stories from the night

  7. Joe Marin says:

    yummy insect pooo ive heard goodabout that frass. happy bornday blake.

  8. Green Ninja says: