Indoor Organic CFL Grow Season 3 Episode 1: Cynex Clones!!

Bliss Mister Demonstration Video
March 4, 2015
Autoflower Marijuana Grow Journal Auto Kush Day 25
March 4, 2015

Green Ninja Presents—- Cynex Clones and a new grow room set-up. Smoking some organic Dutch Hawaiian and shooting the shit in our new grow room / video stud…


  1. j. wick says:

    “No lip Leroy” check it out.guy does alot of funny shit 

  2. b2k dank says:

    Yo make more updates bro

  3. darkangelsoaps says:

    Hey also you mentioned infusing bourbon with marijuana….i live in
    Kentucky, the home of bourbon and the mint julep! Try taking some fresh or
    frozen (not dried) sugar leaf full of crystals from a real minty strain and
    muddle them in the bottom of a glass with a little sugar and add a splash
    of water and fill with ice and bourbon to make a marijuana version of a
    mint julep. I bet that would work! Im sure it would make Derby Day a lot
    more exciting! Lol

  4. mwaddell6901 says:

    Cool new setup guys, I emailed you some pics of my aquaponics setup that’s
    almost done. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  5. GrownWild says:

    Great video Ninjas! Looking forward to watching your plants alongside mine
    to see how they compare and what I can do better on or differently. Stay
    Orangey Guys!

  6. The Mehggsigen says:

    I jumped back, when u came back. Wtf. Funny stuff. And you know someone
    will say something about the lights being so far away. NINJAS ROCK

  7. Davidautofull says:

    i guess ill be the first, Barbara Eden, mmmmmmmmmm.

  8. NASSCAR707-GTG says:

    Right,I’m using Roots Organics and the Top dress dry nutrients is the
    Uprising by Aurora.the dry nutrients program is the
    Grow-Bloom-Elemental-super Nitro Bat guano-phos Bat guano-sea bird
    guano-Oregonism’s a great starter to test out but you’ll
    want to get the Roots Organics Master Pack 5ml Program it has it all..I’m
    loving it best results ever clean run offs but you have to airrate the mix
    ,water also has no smell well my setup is cause I feed by the gallon..

  9. MR. FUCR says:
  10. j. wick says:

    Regarding extracts..have ya’ll heard of mz12x? Supposedly “organic” solvent
    and won’t blow up on u.

  11. Benjamin Goulet says:

    That ring in Blake’s chin is tripping me the Fuck out
    Hey check out my grow so far guys, im subscribed and like your vids!

  12. b2k dank says:

    I mean man u can get a complete 1000watt setup for 190here

  13. klent palmer says:

    Im smokin an learning XD

  14. darkangelsoaps says:

    lol as you go in and out between scenes you should make that pot leaf spin
    like the batman symbol on the old batman tv show with adam west

  15. j. wick says:

    Also watch his “porn prank call”.get ripped before hand. Hope it makes ya
    laugh lol

  16. Frank Grows says:

    Liken the new set up gentlemen. Excited. For then new grow

  17. Green Ninja says:
  18. Major Greenz says:

    Nice guys! looking forward to watching the next grow 🙂 blake you remind me
    of my friend eric from high school lol its like getting high with a old
    friend haha 

  19. stableboy420 says:

    Protip: remove the casings on the fans. Much more air movement, and easier
    access to clean. Where you guys have em, there isn’t even any risk of
    running into them, so there is absolutely no reason to do it, unless
    hurricane is paying you guys, lol

  20. b2k dank says:

    To be real all that Cfl uses just as much if not three times a six Hondo

  21. b2k dank says:

    Add up ur watts and amps u could totally run hids and don’t say 30 bulbs is
    cooler than one I’ve tried id its all a waste get hids bulbs five times
    the growth swear to it
    Same money in electric or less 

  22. MR. FUCR says:

    i been using lady bugs fer a while now and my temps r between 68 and
    73……the plants dont seen ta mind the lower temps and no bug issues…so
    do u think there r problems growing veg at lower temps??peace

  23. 212kurd says:

    hi awesome work, but do you guys use nutrients for your grows? now and
    befor? or do you just give it water

  24. b2k dank says:

    Take 45a month but ten times the yield