Indoor Grow Room Tour!

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March 25, 2015
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March 26, 2015

Indoor Grow Room Tour! In this video I take you on a tour of my indoor flowering grow room & show you where most of my videos are filmed! Thanks for watching! Please Like Subscribe & Comment…


  1. Recker's World says:

    +Jane Dro thanks for the tour and good luck with your move, cheers ✌

  2. bubmurphy says:

    More Doobie!!!

  3. vivacious420hippie says:

    Yayyy you totally did a tour like i hoped!!!

  4. Tarik Smith says:

    Smoke weed everyday 420 GLASS BONG LIFE!!!!

  5. Cas-tle Grown says:

    Thanks for the tour.

  6. Mark Howell says:

    Looking really nice. Safe 

  7. Mr. Indica says:

    Dude can I make you my wcw lmfao

  8. MADMAC91775 says:

    Cool little grow room

  9. Brittney Espinosa says:

    You know I noticed, there is usually only one thumbs down on any of your
    videos and I imagine it’s the same person every time.

  10. MOODYGIRL420 Videos says:

    Wow in the video it looks so much better then what it is. Nice grow room
    but happy moving Miss Jane.

  11. Brandon v says:

    Beautiful medicine!

  12. Adon Teck says:

    Love the video my first plant has sprouted from the soil I’m so happy : D

  13. Mog 9 says:

    Great vid Dro. Thanks for the tour. I am moving as well, it sure can be
    daunting trying to pack up and move all the stuff needed for successful

  14. ghiblilovergrl says:

    Wait what?? You make your videos pants less?? Haha what did you mean by
    using a towel covered bucket for your “naked butt”?

  15. puppycat412 says:


  16. Mike Barrett says:

    We have that same scarecrow!

  17. Random Stranger says:

    I use that same reflective Insulation, I love it,

  18. tru bushdr says:

    #HIVAPE thanks for the tour jane! Hope the little one in flower is a
    female! !

  19. Amber M says:

    What a nice little grow room! I can’t wait to see your new set up at your
    new house :-)