Im thinking of growing marijuana hydroponically but will my parents find out from the electricty bill?

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September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Mike Hunt asked:

I was thinking of growing 2 plants in the shed with a 400 watt hp light. But would there be a noticeable increase in the electricity bill, if so how much would extra each month would it add to the bill?

if you have any suggestions like run a generator or how to steal some electricity that would be helpful,

thanks in advance


  1. Annie says:

    Yeah, there would be.

    Running a generator would cost heaps.
    You could try doing it in an abandonned building/house, but someone could find it and steal it.
    Maybe best to leave the drug growing alone, hey?

  2. Soilguy says:

    So you’re asking a bunch of strangers how to break two different laws. Not smart.

    Also, do you realize that if your plants were found by the law, your parents house and property can be confiscated WITHOUT A TRIAL? You’re a great son.

    Please, pull your head out of your selfish butt.

  3. Marc says:

    That is not a good idea maybe find somewhere else to grow it besides your house because your parents will get messed up by the stupid marijuana laws. The stuff you said about 400 watt lights will cost loads of money and your folks will find out about for sure. Just find somewhere else to grow or just buy you own stuff.