If prop 19 passes, where would an individual buy seeds to get started on growing marijuana for personal use?

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September 11, 2010
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September 11, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Kirsten asked:

Would they have to buy it from a medical marijuana dispensary first? Get a license first? I need an answer with good details please.


  1. cork says:

    There is no chance….

  2. Tenth Amend says:

    I think that eventually, the state would license stores to sell pot, seeds, etc. just like liquor stores.

    Right now, you can buy them from medical dispensers.

  3. Sawyer says:

    Don’t get all antsy…polls show support is declining and the fed’s have already stated they’ll be stepping in the way if it does pass.

    You can get a medical license for $50 from a doctor who barely asks you any questions….I’m not sure what the Fed’s think the difference is…lol

  4. Think about it says:

    The produce section of grocery stores, or 7-11 probably. It’s no big deal, there was a study out today in London that stated alcohol was worse than heroin and crack cocaine and marijuana wasn’t even on the top list of dangerous drugs. It’s all about government control. I’m surprised people are such weaklings and let a handful of stuffy old fat guys in suits dictate their lives. I personally voted not to legalize it to show how gay the law is, let people continue being controlled by the government then sit on their butts crying about it while it continues to overcrowd our prisons with the dangerous real criminals let loose to make room for people who want to eat or smoke a joint. Re-tarded.

  5. Yvette Mendez says:

    not gunna happen. but id be happy if it didid haha yea lets just keep it illegal haha jk

  6. stoned ranger says:

    don’t buy good seed to learn on. buy a bag a decent mid grade…it will be chock full of seed. yes, i know it’s hard to find in cali, but you can find it.

    spend a few seasons growing this stuff, to get a feel for the process….by the time you know your sh!t you’ll have above average herbs, so you’ll be able to pull clones and won’t need seed.

    if prop 19 passes, anything related to cannabis will be heavily taxed, so it won’t be worth your time or effort to buy seed.

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