I thought I found some nice marijuana plants growing?

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September 19, 2010
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September 19, 2010
Marijuana Growing
trudyredhat asked:

Iv’e seen plants many times b4, but one of these plants has a nice little yellow flower coming out of it, is this possible?Other then this 1 flower out of 30 plants they all loook just like marijuana.Can marijuana produce such a thing?
not buds, an actual little yellow flower with pedals,


  1. Soccer Tease says:

    They are plants, and most plants flower. Pot definately does flower.

  2. Betsy says:

    Dude, report this to the Police ASAP.

  3. etpilot says:

    The unpollinated flower is the best part of the plant. So-called “shade leaf” won’t do a ting for you.