i smell marijuana growing at my house but cant locate it?

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Marijuana Growing
ohh my asked:

i get a whiff marijuana everytime im in my backyard and every summer since i moved here i have this problem. i have looked around and smelled every plant i could find and none of them smell or look like marijuana but it has to be growing somewhere for me to smell this everyday. is there another explanation or any tips on how to locate this plant. maybe even perfect growing conditions so i could look for areas that fit the description
also if police came for some reason and smelled it and found it somehow would i be in trouble?
and i have no neighbors or anyone living near me \


  1. David says:

    your neighbour?

  2. Sarat says:

    It’s probably your neighbors smoking it!

  3. thisbrit says:

    The plant of mj does not smell anything like the smoking of it. I suggest that the smell is coming from another source than your garden.

    You would not be in trouble if the cops came since you are obviously a law abiding citizen. Ask the neighbors to come around and find the plant and if they are smokers, i expect they can find it, dry it and smoke it for you.

  4. Solong Andty says:

    You live by yourself then and nobody is concealing one in their room? Growing indoors it would like a hot temperature and plenty of light, attics, cupboards and such can be sealed off and used to grow it under artificial lighting.
    Outside it tends to be grown in large pots or planted in out of the way places, off footpaths and on abandoned bits of ground for instance, again it likes lots of light and the plant would prefer to be watered often.
    Sometimes it will be disguised as another plant, by hanging red xmas baubles on it like tomatoes for instance.

    The plant Moss Phlox is said to smell very much like Marijuana, there is a picture in the link, has pink flowers in spring.

    If the police found a Marijuana Plant growing on your property then yes I imagine you would get in trouble, why would they believe you hadn’t grown it yourself? On the other hand should you find any plants the police do ask you report it to them, which would at least save you the trouble of having to try and dispose of any plants.