i smell marijuana growing at my house but cant locate it?

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September 25, 2010
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September 25, 2010
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ohh my asked:

i get a whiff marijuana everytime im in my backyard and every summer since i moved here i have this problem. i have looked around and smelled every plant i could find and none of them smell or look like marijuana but it has to be growing somewhere for me to smell this everyday. is there another explanation or any tips on how to locate this plant. maybe even perfect growing conditions so i could look for areas that fit the description
its not that someones smoking it i can be home alone and we have a few acres and no neighbors plus i smell about in the same place everytime but ive searched that area.


  1. iThrowMolotovCocktails says:

    its probably a skunk

  2. KaNd!E says:

    Hey mayb some1 is smoking it around your house….