HUGE Congolese Plant

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April 19, 2015
April 19, 2015

We check out a HUGE Congolese Plant grown with Remo Nutrients. Music By: The Odyssey ————————————————————— Want to purchase my nutrients? ➜


  1. Xynicals says:


  2. Ras Tafari says:

    Thats the biggest damn congo ive ever seen!!

  3. phillyohG says:

    nice remo, 2 thumbs up

  4. UpInSmokeeee says:

    Nice :)~~

  5. predatorfe says:

    That is pretty nice :D

  6. rghands711 says:

    Stacked and fox tailing beautifully. Hope you do a harvest and yield video
    of these beasts! Stay Frosty!

  7. hort hydro says:


  8. Piers Morgan says:

    You must really be doing something right that’s a big tree man. I
    appreciate what you do keep up the good work.

  9. urbanremo says:
  10. Dan m says:

    Remo you need a strain called (Remo ‘s chemo )
    Fox tailed nuggs are beautiful she’s a beast

  11. Brian Murdock says:


  12. Zed Flanders says:

    Wow, do you veg for a really long time, or does the 55 gallon can allow the
    plant to just become a monster with like an average 3 week veg time?

  13. frankie44193 says:


  14. Mike K says:

    Love to see this sheela@ harvest!