How to make marijuana bud? Help growing?

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Marijuana Growing
John Mikejones asked:

I took some seeds from a bag and planted them, and what do you know, they start growing! It has been months now and all they do is grow leaves… no buds or anything. How do I make them bud? All they drink is water should I get some plant food or something? HELP!

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  1. Nirinjan S on

    They could be male plants which will not produce flowers(buds). Are there little sacks hangin’? Then they are males.
    Most plants need supplements to produce flowering correctly. It could take 3 months to produce under your conditions. Put them on a 12 on 12 off hour light cycle and see what happens! That will put your plants into the flowering stage if they are female.

  2. Mike on

    Like the other said 12 on 12 off also 100 watt bulb wont cut it u will need at least a 400 HPS bulb and ballast Check out cheep set ups there Good luck PS what u r doing may be illegal

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