How to Grow Weed – Marijuana Growing Journal – Week 4

Indoor grow room update. Flowering day 9
August 9, 2012
The Life Cycle of Cannabis Plants Overview
August 10, 2012

How to Grow Weed - Marijuana Growing Journal - Week 4 It’s week 4 of my marijuana grow journal where I’m recording how to grow weed indoors using hydroponics. This week I’m going over some potential problems I’m keeping an eye on, how I clean my hydro equipment, and experimenting with a technique for the first time called topping. The first thing I’m noticing this week is the leaves on my marijuana plants are drooping slightly. At this time, I’m not too concerned because I’m about to clean the tank which not surprisingly fixes a l


  1. 313joyboy420 says:

    Your right about the topping part! it will be to nice colas there. what kind of weed is it? nice plants. fmo twitter@420hammer

  2. kpiccolopounds says:

    Nice grow bro got to love it

  3. xxWhitexAfricanxx says:

    Ok not only do you sound like you smoked half your brain away but your plants are suffering. I’d be drooping too if I was your plants, change your water and get a nutrient and ph measurer.