How To Deal With a Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plant

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May 2, 2014
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May 2, 2014

How To Deal With a Hermaphrodite Marijuana PlantHey guys, Its unlucky that one of my cannabis plants turned out to be a hermaphrodite. Its also timely that this happens because here, I can show you the signs to look out for in a hermaphrodite…


  1. theClosetgrower420 says:

    Was that plant in the same tent as the jack h. that is on day 70? Because
    light leaks can also cause them to hermie. 

  2. The 1 LB. CLUB says:

    Well it sounds like your buddy is a long way from stabilizing the genetics.
    Are there more phenom? Sounds like a nice cross but far too many people are
    passing around crosses that are nowhere near stabilized. It’s very easy to
    pollinate a plant and get seeds it’s a whole nother game to do proper

  3. Crop King Seeds says: