How to: Air Layer Marijuana – Cloning


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How to: Air Layer Marijuana - Cloning18+ As Always… Different cloning technique that allows you to grow roots while the clone is still attached to the mother plant. Great for starting huge clones, reducing plant limits, and…

12 comments on “How to: Air Layer Marijuana – Cloning

  1. Dolla on

    good video buds glad too see someone else doing this technique I freaking
    love it this is mostly the only way I clone…all the plants that are grown
    in my video are air layered plants except my smallest one in flower that
    was water only..keep posting vids I got a few New tricks ima show soon

  2. pfitzsimmons008 on

    Wow ! That’s the reason we all come on the tube to find that xtra thing wot
    we can try great vid mate keep them comming

  3. stableboy420 on

    I absolutely HATE clone domes with a passion. This is fucking awesome. So
    very cool, thanks! Also, how’s that Jack Herer doing?

  4. BudsonBuds on

    Still trying to figure out how to respond, sorry guys. Thanks for the nice
    comments. The JH is going well, Flower update every Sunday!

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