how much trouble would you get into for growing marijuana?

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September 9, 2010
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September 10, 2010
Marijuana Growing
NICk asked:

ok i live in florida and i was wondering if you had a green house with around 20 marijuana plants how much trouble would you be in? how much jailtime?


  1. Phil S. says:

    depends if you get caught…

  2. varsityfootballwrestler says:

    Dont get caught and a fine and definatly dont get caught selling it!!

  3. The Reign of Error says:

    I believe that is possession with the intent to distribute. 20 plants is way more than you would need for your own personal use. Possession with the intent to distribute is a felony punishable by imprisonment and the punishment is determined more by Bubba or Bubba’s female equivalent, than the courts. Personally Bubba isn’t my type. So one night with him is one night too many.

  4. Wild Honey says:

    You’d do some serious jail time, pay a huge fine and if you owned the house, the Feds could confiscate that, too.

  5. Student02 says:

    Probably jail time, but if you have enough money you might just get a slap on the wrist.

  6. BigOrlandoNerd says:

    What you might think are 20 marijuana plants might become 80 by the time the police are done cutting them down. Even if the police agree with you that there are only 20 you would still be under the jail.

    Many Many Many Years!!!

    As for me, ten minutes in jail would be 10 minutes too much. Please Please don’t throw your life away on something so very foolish. This is very serious and you do not want this problem. Please Please Please do the right thing!!!

  7. Mr. Goodhi © says:

    That’d be a felony, 5 years in prison. Here’s a link to Florida marijuana laws.=&Group_ID=4530

  8. d D says:

    Check out and yes i spelled it correct. YOu can search state by state and look at all the marijuana penalties for almost every situation.

  9. Bankykun says:

    Alot of trouble, and with the RICO act your house and other property can be ceased as well.

    It’s not worth so.

  10. cloversetter says:

    5 years doing Federal time. And when it is Federal, you will do every second of that time. No early release, no chance of parole, and probably on parole for life. Not worth it–just find another way.

  11. cinder a says:

    A lot. Called distribution, selling, and growing. Time depends on your background of any prior arrests or felonies or even misdemeanors. But this is very serious.

  12. ROY says:

    Watch out..The cyber cops are watching you on here.


  13. Ike S says:

    go for it! i want to grow but its pretty complicated and all with the female plants and shit but if you do it right…that would be the best