How do you get a job growing legal medical marijuana?

What is a good introduction for legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana?
September 15, 2010
When is the next vote on Medicinal Marijuana within IL?
September 16, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Nug Blazer asked:

u poeple are idiots… i didnt ask for your moral opinion, and if you cant get a job doing it then where does all teh medical weed come from?


  1. Dan S says:

    You don’t.

    It is legal to take medical marijuana, but it is illegal to grow it or to posses more of it then for personal use. You can take it, if you need it, but the International Treaty the US signed means it is illegal to create it or to have more than a personal supply of it.

    It is illegal in the US to grow, cultivate, culture, or have marijuana plants. It is probably also illegal to import it without a special permit.

  2. Sonny M says:

    Just wondering.. why seek an occupation that produces deleterious effects on the human body? Why not get a job producing corn or soya beans, to make bio-diesels. That is more productive. And when marijuana is out there on the streets, it is as if we are encouraging its use, legally or not. Curiously,marijuana was never legalized in my country. I hope never.

  3. mark says:

    you dont, and it does not help people medically its an excuse so you can be a legal druggie.