How can the problem of marijuana crop growing be tackled properly when ordinary crop values are not worth much?

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September 15, 2010
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September 15, 2010
Marijuana Growing
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they make more from growing el weed, which leads me to the point of is the increase say through a small subsidy worth paying out to make sugar etc more beneficial? solutions on a postcard


  1. Paperplanes says:

    who would pay for this subsidy? US gov? certainly not the Colombian one…
    also, you have to think of demand… growing weed is going to the US where the demand is, US have got their own sugar plantations, and im sure there are quota’s that the colombian farmers have to abide by… good sugar is hard to grow, needing pesticides and fertiliser… where as weed is is exactly that – a weed.. you don’t need to especially grow it, it’ll grow fine without any help…
    i don’t think your idea with sugar would work, maybe a different crop would, and who would likely to subsidise these activities in the current economic climate?

  2. midnightmoon says:

    The answer is to legalize marijuana. Even with taxes, the price of marijuana will decrease dramatically if its legal. The whole reason they are making so much off it is because they can get away with charging prices through the roof with it being illegal.

  3. Duirmuid says:

    The government & FARC should share the extreme wealth they have already made from the minerals etc with the poor agricultural workers and make other development programmes so that the agricultural workers can grow ordinary crops to be self sufficient. & cut out the FARC who now do not represent the poor but just use them – as the capitalists they have turned out to be.
    And if everybody elsewhere stopped smoking dope then there would not be a market.