HID Grow Lights Overview: Metal Halide & HPS (High Pressure Sodium)

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May 16, 2012
1 Week old Marijuana Plant
May 16, 2012

HID Grow Lights Overview: Metal Halide & HPS (High Pressure Sodium)READ DESCRIPTION! Its time for bulb basics! LED light, Plasma Lights and Fluorescents are getting more popular (and are definitely the future for pot growing) but nothing hits those perfect spectrums quite like HID bulbs, so they are still used at some point in the growing cycle by the large majority of Medical Marijuana growers. Today on Lex’s World we’ll compare these two bulbs, whether they should be used for Vegetative or Flowering phases, how much they cost and a quick safety tip. We’ll als


  1. LovelyMoonBeams says:

    What brand of MH & HPS do you suggest?? My MH bulb just busted and I need to buy a new one. Thanks for the vids, they’re great!

  2. aleksandr2006 says:

    Nowadays, either AgroSun or Hortiflux are great….I prefer AgroSun slightly due to easy availability and quality.

  3. ThatCrazyJellyFish says:

    @aleksandr2006 this is about your green out vid but i need a reply ): i greened out this weekend REALLY bad and ever since iv been afriad to smoke… any advice my man? love the vids btw