Hemperor’s Backyard episode 1: Germinating and planting

March 3, 2015
عصابات Documenting Most Violent Crimes
March 3, 2015

Viewers discretion advised!!! This is my first video, a bit rough around the edges, but they will get better the more i do. This series came about because of the ever growing need for real…


  1. Sebastian Ramadan says:

    Greetings Hemperor! Firstly, damn that looks nice! It’s great to see you’ve
    ventured into the world of youtube. You’ll reach a much more relevant
    audience this way… but though I know you’re wary that some audiences are
    not necessarily desirable and you have some good tactics to deal with the
    undesirables you’ve met before, I feel you’ve ventured into territory which
    might be unfamiliar to you. Should the worst happen, if you can convince
    them that you’re not the only one who uses your computer (or possibly even
    that your computer might have been infected at the time) then you’ll stand
    a much better chance at least at convincing them you didn’t upload that
    video… not that that’ll help you much. It’d help heaps if you could
    convince them that it’s possible that someone edited the video to make it
    look like you’re talking about weed when you originally weren’t.

    On that Victorian law, I’m curious… If you graft ten plants together onto
    a host (one at a time, of course, giving the host enough time to heal and
    take the new foliage), does the entire group of plants constitute just one

  2. Sebastian Ramadan says:

    Oh and one more thing, just some food for thought in case you drink a cup
    of freshly brewed coffee a day like I do: Coffee grounds are relatively
    neutral (due to all the acid being flushed out during the brewing process)
    and irresistable to snails and slugs but unfortunately for them, the trace
    amounts of caffeine result in heart attacks…

  3. Hippy Muso says:

    Well done Damien (Y)