Help!!! yellow spots MARIJUANA CLOSETGROW

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May 21, 2012
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May 22, 2012

Help!!! yellow spots MARIJUANA CLOSETGROWSo My plants are 13 days old and all of a sudden 2 of the 5 started getting yellow spots and the leaves started to shrivel up i really don’t wanna lose them but its starting to spread to my best plant there which is now as wel turning yellow if you know what’s up plz help and let me know how to cure before its too late!!!!! Thanks peace and keep on growing!!

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  1. daBrUDas520 says:

    Def looks like they need a lil’ calmag…flush & give R/O or airraided h2o…jus reg h2o for now, compost teas wouldn’t hurt…Good Luck!
    Keep on Growin’…Keep on Smokin’