Harvesting the organic autoflower’s, green peppers and potatos

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September 2, 2014
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September 2, 2014

Harvesting the organic autoflower's, green peppers and potatosToday was the day to take down the auto-flower’s so going to start the day with a dry sifting technique I learned from Bubbleman , harvesting 99% freshheadies/ Trichomes then off to the…


  1. WelcomeHome76 says:

    That medi haze is beautiful. A shame you will not be able to finish
    flowering her outdoors. A few years ago I had a similar situation. I was
    going to cut it down when I noticed that the plant wasn’t very wide.
    Curious I dug around the outer perimeter of the foliage and saw that the
    root ball did not extend much farther. From previous experience I knew the
    root ball would not be very deep, roughly 18 inches. I decided to dig it up
    and transplant to a large pot. Brought it indoors, sprayed it down and
    flowered it inside. I was lucky that the strain looked like it was still
    in the veg stage. lol I doubt you want to go through the effort so my
    other idea is for you to juice it. Though only if your sure that the PM is
    gone. Lol you could probably wash the leaves like they do for salad
    greens. You can get some organic wash that should do the trick.

  2. Zrt2223 says:

    Great stuff like always man! Keep up the great content, peace and dank as

  3. WelcomeHome76 says:

    Face hash lol

  4. Zrt2223 says:

    Great stuff like always man! Keep up the great content, peace and dank as

  5. Filipe Sá Couto says:

    The plant that you harvested also have botrytis, i think


  6. WelcomeHome76 says:

    About to enjoy your video! Thanks for the volume and quality of the new
    content! I remembered what you mentioned a while back about harvesting
    during a full moon. I was hoping to wait another week but I have a purple
    haze that needed to come down. Just went outside to chop it actually. Came
    in to find something to watch on youtube and your didn’t disappoint! I’ll
    have a wifi alien that should be ready by the full moon. Been flushing her
    for a week already. Going to chop down her down by moonlight. 🙂 Though not
    the same genetics, I’m looking forward to comparing. From my additional
    research, harvesting during a full moon should have peak essential oil
    production. Going to have to do a bubble run after using dry ice to do a
    quick freeze. I should be able to enjoy some epic full melt a few hours
    after harvest.

  7. John Berfelo says:
  8. Cannabliss420 says:

    glad you took the advice on spraying the yard 🙂 everything looks great

  9. WelcomeHome76 says:

    The white wash did a decent job but there is still PM on there. For health
    reasons I wouldn’t smoke it as is. Bubbleman mentioned running PM infected
    material through the bubblebags. I tried that technique last year on some
    outdoor. Under a microscope, the bubble looked clean. I know Bubbleman is
    busy with his new son, congrats again, but it would be cool to see a bubble
    run with PM infested material followed up with his world famous macro shots
    to show the end result.

  10. ewok VILLAGE says:

    Sifty sundays! thats grate, happu labour day John B. looking about getting
    some of these exact screens, from freshheadies to do exactly this , heady
    morning hits!truly beautiful i live in the interior and I cant find dry
    sift/fullmelt anywhere, guess ill have to make it homemade! cheers bud

  11. DanielUKgreengrower 91 says:

    Looking good mate them buds look good 🙂
    Growers love!!

  12. NVclosetmedgrower says:

    Well done john. Great vid. It’s nice to see the autos coming to an end.
    Congratz on a successful harvest. 

  13. Bpk Op says:

    Auto cheese from dinafem. I think they call it cheese automatic. Nice yield
    and coated in resin. Very nice flavor too. Cheesy/fruit smell/taste. 

  14. italianbc says:

    Great Job John….Try Dutch Passion Seeds There Auto’s Are Pretty Good…
    I Grew There Auto Mazar And It Was Descent Stuff….

  15. fourtwentyecips says:

    Nice stuff john !