Harvesting Blueberry Kush Season 3 G8 450

SkyWalker T5 grow Day 28
April 13, 2014
Cannabis Seeds and Bud Of Super Silver Haze X Hash Plant
April 13, 2014

Harvesting Blueberry Kush Season 3 G8 450Welcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! overgrowsociety.spreadshirt.com LED lights & Grow Tent: D…


  1. Charles Boston says:

    I have to say, you have one of the best intros on youtube. Big fan of your
    videos. Can’t wait to be able to start my own grows and use your videos as
    my guide.

  2. rosie rose says:

    yay you’re back! the buds look beautiful 

  3. Alex Galindo says:

    League of Legends might have rights to LCS lmao its their championship
    series. Hopefully not.

  4. Jipsē Glass says:

    Fuck yes my brudda ! Cannabis Cup!

  5. MrRunebeast says:

    Lone seed project gosh darnit!

  6. MrMiggy420 says:

    Great video as always bro, looking forward to the clones.

  7. Jon Yodice says:

    todays the 12th

  8. byAviiation says:

    What’s up nice vids bro

  9. Anthony Valencia says:

    Hahaha the 15 gone much

  10. Brett Metcalfe says:

    Lone seed project window edition grow a plant in the window 

  11. JahBliss420 says:

    Entirety is a word. Germenised? Is not.

  12. Christopher Parks says:

    You have been a huge help to me on my first grow a few days away from first
    crop you thank you for keeping a vet medicated!!!!!

  13. Lukian Machula says:

    Your tutorials and harvest videos have made me decide to start my grow