Hangin’ in there with DABS!

大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan
May 14, 2014
Feel beaten down? GET BACK UP ASAP!
May 14, 2014

Hangin' in there with DABS!https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i.m.m.o.d./id867611931 all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!…


  1. Tokin Dave says:


  2. Noobsubs says:

    btw rok that was me mrgreen25

  3. K2GlassART says:


  4. Scott Foster says:

    hmmm another game I should look in to

  5. turv says:

    Sub me man…..

  6. Noobsubs says:

    once it installed you good, and you can buy it digital or on cd

  7. scooby mcclishes says:

    bahahahahaha i here u going bahahahahahaha as u walk off

  8. tyler haynes says:


  9. Scott Foster says:

    tango eco out

  10. scooby mcclishes says:

    how far is your gas tanks

  11. Scott Foster says:

    im off to play some games, take care nay and trendeys, peace much love

  12. Chris Andrew says:


  13. Tokin Dave says:


  14. Billie Ballantine says:

    can’t wait for mad max to come out

  15. Domeless Tefty says:

    What up Tokin

  16. Domeless Tefty says:

    Yo yo

  17. kevin monaco says:

    iv got a legal 60

  18. Tokin Dave says:

    ryan secrst out

  19. ipois3n says:

    He’s backkk have a good one buddy!

  20. Scott Foster says:

    yeah man im not bad. was a lot better a couple years ago. pretty much came
    top all the time, not no more lol, right at the bottom

  21. Chris Andrew says:

    NOT PS3

  22. bababludrawz says:

    wutup trendys,thumbz up…blueband dabs…cheers

  23. Infamousjohnny86 says:

    BudBroz all day!

  24. kevin monaco says:

    can get like 15 kills

  25. tyler haynes says:

    2 is way better than one

  26. Scott Foster says:

    hahahaha that’s how we win man then BOOM

  27. scooby mcclishes says:

    yo nay i inboxed u on facebook

  28. Tokin Dave Live says:

    50th thumbs up cheers trendys

  29. chad williams says:

    did i miss anything lol

  30. Doomchaser1 says:

    do you need buy the disk for this game?

  31. Tokin Dave Live says:

    had to switch accnt other one i cant comment

  32. Courtney wintrip says:

    Have bong

  33. Courtney wintrip says:

    Shut up and have a bong

  34. tyler haynes says:

    dude Nay I’m ganna play because of you rich now

  35. Courtney wintrip says:

    Gay fucker

  36. tyler haynes says:


  37. Chris Andrew says:


  38. chad williams says:

    and i am back

  39. MrMarine347 says:

    hello trendys !!!

  40. Chris Andrew says:

    my username is PHXAZASSASSiN PS3

  41. Scott Foster says:

    wutup man

  42. Noobsubs says:

    its stealth LOL i just go by mrgreen now

  43. kevin monaco says:

    call of duty im kinda good at

  44. Scott Foster says:

    no good for me mate im on pc, cool name tho

  45. medi CalGrower says:

    hahaha dam

  46. ipois3n says:

    where did nay disappear to?

  47. kevin monaco says:

    on diablo 3

  48. scooby mcclishes says:

    nay na na nay na nay na nay nay ill be in chat

  49. Tokin Dave Live says:

    im jus painting the bumpers on the camero to match

  50. Noobsubs says: