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Growing TalkTalking about growing, looking at the progress of the “Dwarf Low Flyers” and smoking the big bong.

5 comments on “Growing Talk

  1. Tsh Mac on

    Nice vid Freddie, the words flow easy when you talk about what you love and
    know eh, keep ’em (the vids) coming man.

  2. rayc1962 on

    Great bucketfull of weed wisdom! Have you seen our Canadian hemp at harvest
    time? The females are crazy with stalked trichomes! All with the thc bred
    out of it, (probably good for CBD hash), as you know, it was the only way
    we could get our mafia gov’t to legalize hemp here. But before that, sativa
    hemp had a decent amount of thc in it! I’m sure thats why George Washington
    smoked it!
    I have visited Thompson, MB., many times, as I have a close friend there.
    He has shown me, in the country side, Canadian Ruderalis, at full
    maturity. A foot an a half tall! Also crazy with trichomes! As in lots of
    resin even on Ruderalis! (they looked very similar to your dwarf plants) I
    have smoked it, and again no thc, no high! With those auto flower,
    feminized strains I wonder how much of a thc content they have, and also in
    comparison with the same breed without it being an autoflower? Whats the
    difference in thc content ratio I wonder? Cheers Freddie! Looking forward
    to your next vid!

  3. laxedskater009 on

    Nice video. The way you talk about marijuana reminds me of Trailer Park
    Boys characters lol (great stoner comedy show btw) 

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