growing marijuana vegg/breeding/flower update

Veg Room Expanded.wmv
January 25, 2012
There Is No Energy Crisis, There Is A Crisis Of Ignorance [Energy Crisis]
January 28, 2012

growing marijuana vegg/breeding/flower updateeverythings hungry lol feeding time lol


  1. igorealhard1 says:

    @bweez100 lol had to watch agin,i waz high az hell,cloud 9 type shit..cant wait to c dem buds..u gonna get sum seeds off her?

  2. bweez100 says:

    @igorealhard1 you didnt see her , i showed her bro lol at the end

  3. bweez100 says:

    @BudBuzzTv thanks bro peace out

  4. LoudCloud9420 says:

    Looking fire.

  5. bweez100 says:

    @steveeb1269 u no it nsame to u bro

  6. meckone01 says:

    they looking healthy bro flow is right kig

  7. bweez100 says:

    @BigJuice510 thanks bru

  8. bweez100 says:

    @igorealhard1 i no bru just hope the cross come out bad ass

  9. steveeb1269 says:

    looking good bro. peace n keep on grow-n.

  10. bweez100 says:

    @meckone01 4sho

  11. igorealhard1 says:

    U still got dat gstring plant?ladys lookin gud…

  12. BigJuice510 says:

    looking great and green

  13. nightflierlives says:

    looking good ma man your green thumb is shining thru.

  14. bweez100 says:

    @LoudCloud9420 thanks bro

  15. BudBuzzTv says:

    @bweez100 Aye nice job bro…its all looking good

  16. bweez100 says:

    @nightflierlives u no it lol peace n pot