growing marijuana (vegetative stage)


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growing marijuana (vegetative stage)indoor marijuana plants, (9)different strains:: ***jack frost (jack herer x white widow x northern lights#5) ***sour diesel ***jack the ripper ***sweet wreck (sweet tooth#3 x arcata trainwreck) ***lemon skunk ***pineapple express ***god bud ***sour cream (original sour diesel x g-13 haze)…

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  1. McBudski on

    nice i use to clone that way until I did not get a high success rate…
    I switched to soaking rockwool in those individual wrapped 1.5″ cubes for 5.5 PH and add in a little bit of clonex cutting and seedling solution to soak with cubes, then use clonex gel, and what helps the most is keeping the cutting in a dome for the humidity. That was my biggest problem with cloning until I did this method and left them, about 12, in the prop trays with the dome on for about 5-7 days with no water

  2. mdiddyjmomma on

    @northweststunner must be the phenotype cuz my Jack the Ripper does not like to clone well. You should Di a “day in the life of a grower” that would be epic

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