growing marijuana (vegative stage)

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June 6, 2011
Indoor Marijuana Grow Room (First Time Grow)
June 6, 2011

growing marijuana (vegative stage)indoor marijuana plants, (6)different strains:: ***grand daddy purple ***god bud (hydroponic) ***dyna grape (dynamite x grape ape) ***jack frost (jack herer x white widow x northern lights#5) ***sour diesel (hydroponic) ***og kush (hydroponic)


  1. MrMarijuana1211 says:

    Beautiful !

  2. nightflierlives says:

    Sweet sounds like you have a pritty good line up of ladys. Good luck and I look forth to watching them grow.

  3. GrowJunkieXL says:

    Coming back to the og, it’s in a right state…..
    I’d seperate her and put her under 24hr watch:):)
    Personally i’d start from the beginning again with her, just a very light solution.
    Good vibes brother

  4. GrowJunkieXL says:

    Interesting strains!! Can you get og kush in feminised seeds??
    Good vibes for the grow

  5. nightflierlives says:

    That is I look forward to watching them grow.