growing marijuana question?

Is medicinal marijuana just an excuse to get a foothold in a state?
September 21, 2010
what is a great site for learning how to grow medicinal marijuana?
September 21, 2010
Marijuana Growing
miZZme asked:

1)okay first off do birds eat pot plants? my plant just sprouted 2 tiny pettles i went outside a few hours later and there was no leaf at all, and one leaf on the side of the pot tore up??

2)What is a good way to make my plant grow faster? they grow slow and summer wont last forever??

3)How do I know if my plant is going to have buds? like male or female? when will i know? how many leaves do males/females have?

4)any tips would be great. where i live growing is only a 100.00 fine and it doesnt go on your criminal record. so im in the clear!


  1. reebokwhiplash says:

    Dude, I…..dude.

  2. Rick says:

    1) Yes. Marijuanadactyls will fly to your plant and eat it.

    2) Use MiracleGro. And don’t pee on your plant when you’re too drunk to see.

    3) Grow a potato nearby.

    4) Your fine is in the mail.

  3. cathcoug says:

    OK, so I know a friend of a friend who grew a plant once, hypothetically speaking of course. A bird would not have eaten the plant, it was most likely a rabbit or even a deer if you have them. Best way to handle that and the growing issue is the bring the plant indoors under a grow light. Water just like any other house plant and give it about 12 hours of light and 12 of dark. Cannabis is a lot like a tomato. It will be a while before you can tell if it will be male or female, only way to tell is when the buds start to show. I think, I have never seen, smoked or grown one myself, ever.

  4. TheGeneral says:

    They bud when the amount of sunlight is shortened daily and the males have like a string like pollen thing coming out of the bud pull those or they will pollenate females producing alot of seeds .Where do you live?lol

  5. PommyTom says:

    1) Rarely, but if they’re a problem hang some tin foil take away containers on a string nearby. This scares all birds away. You’re more likely being eaten by slugs, in which case line the area around the pot with slug pellets.

    2) Miracle gro is helpful, but don’t use too much, slow release nitrogen pellets are handy also. Just make sure it gets plenty of light, as with all plants, more light and food and faster growth. Good soil is a must, and make sure it has holes in the bottom of the pot to ‘aerate’ the soil and stop the plant drowning.

    Also, i’ve ‘heard’ on plants of this nature, feeding it only pineapple juice in the last 2 weeks instead of water makes for a nice taste.

    3) You should know the differences. Look up on google for images of the two and how to recognise. If you recognise a male, remove and destroy… Keep all males away from the females.

    4) Good luck on that…

  6. blue_schism says:

    Put some Miracle Grow on them.
    If it’s female,along the main stem at the branch or spur you will notice very fine, almost fuzzy hairs (Stigmas).
    Males are the ones that get the pollen sacs. Males are also easier to spot because their shape is clearer.
    You want females, males aren’t worth anything, they lack the THC. But if you want to see pics and more info about it, go here:

  7. hoffina r says:

    Well first of all I dont know too much about the male or female plant, but I can give you some good growin tips. Birds are probably not your problem, it could be cats, they love weed. The smell is like catnip to them.Tr y miracle grow for the growth problem and make sure your soil is fertile.Weed likes sun, and also lots of water not too much. Have some tough soil? Try tilling it or using a hoe to soften it and you can add some fertizer with maneur mixed in. Plant a little strawberries in with your weed plants, and this wil give it a good taste. Oh and dont worry about the cow maneur making your weed taste like shit. It will actually be some really good smoke. Good luck!

  8. philbertpheinstein says:

    1) No, birds don’t eat usually them, but bugs will when they are small. Squirrels, cats, rats, snails etc. like them when they are small. Depends on what wild life you have there. Maybe your birds there do, watch and see. Bring them in at night until they are about a foot tall if you can.

    2) Good soil and care is about all you can do to speed them up. If you use potting soil it won’t need fertilizer. Don’t over fertilize or over water. Higher temperature, 80 to 100 degrees helps, but you have to keep them damp. You should’ve planted on tax day, 4/15, more patriotic and a better season, longer sun.

    3) Your plant will show it’s sex in about 50 days. You look for the 2 white hairs that turn red when they dry up, that’s female. Both have about the same number of leaves but the females will be slightly more bushy. Like in real life, the males are mostly worthless. You need to plant maybe 3 times as many as you will need because some will get eaten and half will be males. Ideal conditions favor females a little.

    4) You have to buy a High Times magazine. Bookstores sell books too. It’s a very slow wait, around 3 to 4 months, even though people claim less. They’re talking about ideal conditions with exageration and wishful thinking thrown in. The main thing is to give them as much sun as possible. Make a half round wall of tin foil around them. Put tin foil on the ground too. Mirrors are even better.

    The medicinal value is getting more accepted. It really helps several conditions. Generally a rather mild and pleasant, feel good drug, probably less addictive than coffee, and for sure less than tobacco. The worst part is it isn’t water soluable and clogs up the lungs in heavy users. Don’t be a heavy user, it lessens the effect. The best solution for that is use less of better quality. There are so many worse things in life, like alcohol, it’s sad that it’s illegal. Many good products can be made from it too, like clothing and oil. It will never be legal, because then the government couldn’t collect much money and take your assets. It’s a very well studied subject, plenty of info can be found. I’d like to hear from you. You go girl!

  9. billydavisii says:

    Marijuannadactyls!!! LMAO!!!