Growing Marijuana (PLEASE HELP) 4 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diese, Casey Jones, CFL grow

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January 3, 2012
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January 3, 2012

Growing Marijuana (PLEASE HELP) 4 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diese, Casey Jones, CFL growMy plants are about 4 to 4 1/2 weeks into flower, But i have some BIG PROBLEMS!! I NEED SOME HELP FROM ANYONE HOW KNOWS WHATS WRONG WITH MY PLANTS! OTHER THAN THAT MY PLANTS ARE GROWING GREAT! Ill be transplanting ALL MY PLANTS TONIGHT! I would appericate it if someones tells me whats wrong?? THANKS FOR WATCHING, LEAVE COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS! KEEP GROWING KEEP BLAZING


  1. bweez100 says:

    naw the flys woundnt do dat shit bro

  2. SSLICKK1 says:


  3. Tucsongrower says:

    I had to throw my girls away because the nats from the soil kill my roots my video just tell you what happen i try to treat the bug but end up killing them. I dont know how to fix it. Once your roots rot thats it.

  4. GROWZZZ says:

    swich that shit soil out

  5. SSLICKK1 says:

    @herbprophet I have Osmosis water,thanks for the information, and i just bought some “Age Old Bloom” the NPK is 5-10-5, its Age Old ORGANIC, do u think this will be ok?? THANKS FOR HELPING!!!!!

  6. ipawdmaster says:

    might be a potasium deficiancy

  7. SSLICKK1 says:

    @majorgrower420 I know its NOT MOLD OR FUGI, but i have no idea whats wrong with them?? thanks for the info! peace keep growing keep blazing

  8. herbprophet says:

    that NPK should be fine. But for the OG you’ll need a cal mag additive or epsom salts which are a time release calmag.

  9. greendragon316 says:

    calmag brotha… u use R.O. water u have to add calmag to it or u get that shit… man go to the hydro store and gett some roots organic here in california it is only 10 bucks a bag

  10. SSLICKK1 says:

    @bweez100 Yeah i just transplanted all of them dry, Into happy Fog soil, The name of the soil that FUCKED my shit up was ORGANIC CHOICE! 

  11. Tucsongrower says:

    I had the same problem its your soil that could be early stage of root rot check out my videos i got the same cheat soil too

  12. SSLICKK1 says:

    @bweez100 i didnt think so! I just transplanted all of them right now, but lets see what happens?!?

  13. GROWZZZ says:

    is there any fertilizer in that bad soil?

  14. herbprophet says:

    Calmag(Calcium and Magnesium) deficiency

  15. bweez100 says:

    @SSLICKK1 a wise grower gave me a tip never transplant when there real dry without giving them a lil water b4 dropping them in the new soil, in if that organic soil is da reason 4 that somthin must be truely wrong becse anything organic shouldnt hurt the plants at all bro , so idont no. wat was the npk on the soil

  16. herbprophet says:

    the sour d is a nitrogen deficiency

  17. SSLICKK1 says:


  18. SSLICKK1 says:

    @GROWZZZ i just transplanted ALL my plants right now, there all in HAPPY FOG ORGANIC, its my favorite soil!!

  19. SSLICKK1 says:

    @GROWZZZ IDK??? i checked it and i think it said there was some fertilizer, So i transplanted all my plants into Happy Fog Organic soil, so hopfully everything will get back to normal?!?!?!?!?!?

  20. majorgrower420 says:

    u know u got to soak ur plants before trnspanting
    overall ur ladies look real good
    check mine out
    mabey we could help eachother ive been growing sense i was thirteen
    another thing THAT looks like mold becarefull cuz mold will fuck up ur whole crop
    thumbs up n subcribed check mine out n let me know what u think.stay up

  21. SSLICKK1 says:


  22. herbprophet says:

    if you use reverse osmosis water you have to add calmag every water to prevent that def.

  23. bweez100 says:

    dam man did u transplant ur plants dry, i dont no never had a problem like that bro wats the name of the soil , there probally hungry u said u havent fed 4 a while