Growing marijuana plants?

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September 8, 2010
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September 8, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Sashie asked:

This is a serious question .. I think these plants are absolutely beautiful, and would like to grow a few of them in my back garden …not for any other use than decorative … and before any smartasses answer … I don’t use it, and I don’t know anyone who does, I just want them for their ornamental value … a few started sprouting in my back garden last year, have no idea where the seeds came from, and didn’t even know what they were, but fell in love with them before people told me to pull them up because they were illegal … is it really so illegal and impossible to cultivate a few plants? Obviously I don’t want to get into trouble, but I do think it is weird that you are allowed to grow for example aconitum, which is deadly, digitalis,etc., etc., because of their ornamental value, but not a few hemp plants … does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. xxsmileformehxx says:

    illegal,even though for their beautifulness..

  2. haider0311 says:

    well I guess you could do it anyway and if you get caught hire a lawer and submit to a drug test. But it would just be easyer to not do it!

  3. MsKnowItAll says:

    Yes, don’t!

  4. chryslerbuilding12 says:

    grow it like any other plant. dig one up, put it where you want it, and wait.

  5. shenzoe says:

    Well just wait a little while, our Government is going to allow certain Hemp plants to be grown again. Now that is not marijuana, it’s hemp.

  6. Beatrix P says:

    for some reason I knew somwone who think just like you and she ended having it in to her baseman, now she has moey all time and is weird because she doesn’t have a job. but she spend a lot of money, probably that plant gives her good luck right?
    I am away from her since I found out what she did Idon’t feel like I want her in my life anymore

  7. sugaree says:

    try growing false arelia instead, it looks almost like marijuana enough to fool most people, even cops, and it’s legal.

  8. metcalfmaintenance1 says:

    You may want to try Japanese Maples,the leaves are about the same and come in crimson as well as green.

  9. french_horn_playa_066 says:

    dont grow it. its illegal

  10. Sapphira says:

    Well just be careful growing illegal plants. Don’t go to prison for something being pretty. But if you know everything will be alright then go for it but please remember this…DON’T LET PEOPLE KNOW YOUR HAVE THEM IN YOU BACK YARD! You don’t want people all in your business especially illegal business.Good Luck.

  11. skifaster6 says:

    I would reccomend pulling them out. It can’t be that fun having your local police department visit your house. As a police officer in the past, I would not care what you were using them for (most drugies say they have them for decorative use also, yeah sure!) and would still arrest you for possesion of the plant. Court is not something that is enjoyable either. Find something else that looks good instead of those plants.

  12. leadbelly says:

    don’t get caught.
    no publicity, no problem.

  13. Gregory B says:

    As far as I know it is still a mister-meaner offense if you are caught with a couple of plants. This might involve a fine, but this is subject to local laws.

    My advise would be that it isn’t worth the hassle you might get from the local authorities, some of which depends on where you live. If you live in an area where there is a lot of marijuana grown for use you might be hassled more then you might think.

    Other then that I too feel it is a beautiful plant.

    Good luck if you do decide to grow some.

  14. cy ko tic says:

    It seems like it could be a whole lot trouble than it is worth. If you really really like them, plant them all over in your neighbor’s flower bed so you can see them but are not responsible for them.

  15. lilamylee says:

    grow it and send it to me when it matures…LOL

  16. ananimalloverinkentucky says:

    contact your local Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and I am sure they will tell you all about growing it.
    They will be glad that you contacted them.

  17. feargodno1else says:

    I say grow it. If it wasn’t supposed to be here, then god would have not made it possible. (after all he did create the earth)