Growing marijuana indoors?

Travis County Marijuana Bust
September 27, 2010
How long do people go to prison when they are caught growing like 50 – 100 marijuana plants?
September 27, 2010
Marijuana Growing
crphoto666 asked:

Ive been reading alot recently about growing marijuana indoors and the lighting systems needed. My question is if you grow indoors can you use the sun instead of a lamp? DISCLAIMER: NOT ACCTUALLY GROWING IT. JUST A QUESTION! Dont get all freakin self righteous on me if you dont smoke or dont know.


  1. -R says:

    You would have to have it by a window that gets a lot of sun, and that would bring suspicion and well, what more do I need to say.

  2. krennao says:

    Yeah sun, no problem, its a weed so it doesnt need much to grow. It should be fine.

  3. marion d says:

    I would be very discreet……………..Good Luck…i would use a grow light

  4. sirmrmagic says:

    Yes if you can get sunlight to the plant then there is no need for a grow light.

  5. Tri T says:

    where you live< if you live in the north then you pretty much fuc_ it not enough sun for them, it really stink (your house) if you grown indoor.

  6. ask me a says:

    Well i grew Marijuana once……….and i don’t even smoke it…….you’d be suprised how easily and nice it does grow……and it’s kinda pretty too!!……….and yea it was outside, so it likes the sun too……..that’s how natives grew it many years ago for the good old peacepipe!!

  7. wendy 1 says:

    You will get better product with grow lights. The indirect sunlight (through a window) produces weak ditchweed stuff.

  8. toots says:

    Be prepared for the suspicious spike in your electric bill if you use Gro-lights. If you have a yard with bushes, you can train the pot by trimming it to grow horizontally under the bushes so it isn’t detected; kinda like a low trellis..

  9. cheryl a says:

    yeah, the sun will work but most ppl dont want to put their plants in the window, or have them out for all who enter to see, my friend uses one of those full spectrum bulbs, the kind like you would get for a lizard or a bird……it works fine

  10. sophieb says:

    I don’t know where you live, but here growing any marajuana plants at all is illegal. And, people are being picked up daily and going to jail. Am just saying that anyone who answers you with a detailed answer or any answer regarding the how tos of your question probably will be reached by the long arm of the law.

    lol marion, what is so discreet about blasting this sort of thing on the internet where the comments will be seen by everyone and stay obvious forever?