Growing Marijuana (Harvesting Cannabis)CFL Grow

GrowYourMeds OMMP Medical Marijuana – Day 13 Flower
December 24, 2011
Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour-Lateralus Opiate Inc.
December 24, 2011

Growing Marijuana (Harvesting Cannabis)CFL GrowI just Harvested my Mr Nice Guy, the buds are very DENSE!! Its the dences buds out of all my plants, I picked off 4 buds that was ready first, now i just pulled the main Cola down, thanks for watching and leave comments or question, Ill POST A WEIGH IN ON THE FINALL WEIGHT,


  1. SSLICKK1 says:

    @RandomCommentsDude I used 1 300 watt equal to 65 watts and 3 42 watts equal to 150 watts each, if u hace any question or comments ask them, thanks for watcing, peace keep growing keep blazing



  3. MrJbaglivo says:

    Looking very nice! Good job! Please keep up with these inspirational videos!

  4. SSLICKK1 says:

    @MrJbaglivo thanks man, ill keep posting videos every weeek, thanks for watching,

  5. RandomCommentsDude says:

    how much watt u used? sorry for my bad english