Growing Marijuana 9 weeks into Flower CFL Grow


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Growing Marijuana 9 weeks into Flower CFL GrowMy White Rhino has been flowering for a little less than 9 weeks, its time to harvest it,. I flushed it for about 2 1/2 weeks and i used ALL ORGANIC NUTRIENTS. I just found out my Casey Jones Is FEMALE! Ill make a new veg video in a couple days. I want to thank all 1090 of my subscribers, for watching commenting and rating!! THANKS GUYS!! Leave any comments or questions and ill try to answer them with the best of my knowledge! Thanks for watching…. PEACE N POT…. **SLICK*1*

23 comments on “Growing Marijuana 9 weeks into Flower CFL Grow

  1. SSLICKK1 on

    thanks for the postive comments, good luck on ur grow, thats good to know Ive HELPED LOTS OF NEW GROWERS!! peace and good luck again.. **SLICK*1**

  2. FattyMcDoobs on

    Nice homie can’t wait to see what the yield is! Check out my White Widow in a CFL Box. Got a Purple Wreck in ther too.


  3. 916Grower on

    I love what u can do with cfl’s
    When I started growing I was using cfl’s and watching your vids. I always tell cfl growers to check u out…sslick1 kills it

  4. Kirk Roberts on

    Beautiful buds brother! I’m a total beginner and at about 9wks til my learner plant is ready to harvest. I’ve learned a lot from watching your vids. Thank you for posting. Stay free!

  5. Grondeau69 on

    Looks nice by the looks of it must smell awsome ive been flowering for seven days still no signs of sex ! Fuck

  6. SSLICKK1 on

    its very frosty!! i already sampled it and it tasted kinda lemonish, orangish citrusie flavor! VERY GREAT SMELL AND TASTE! peace bro, and thanks for commenting n watching, ***SLICK**1***

  7. MrMJT420 on

    I just wanted to ask how many lights are you running and how many plants? Im growing some trainreck under CFL and It my first time trying CFL lights .

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