Growing Marijuana 8 weeks into Flower CFL Grow

outdoor marijuana (part 3)
March 19, 2012
G420G Happy St. Patricks Day (+ Up coming vids)
March 20, 2012

Growing Marijuana 8 weeks into Flower CFL GrowMy Mr Nice guy purp is now about 8 1/2 weeks into flower, Its really turning purple now. The buds started getting more dense and covered in trichomes! the OG Kush is growing great also! Its seem like its more crystalier! than my mr nice guy… But Most PURPLE STARINS ARENT AS STRONG AS REGULAR STRAINS. This OG Kush plant is the same as the last OG kush plant i harvested! Ive been flushing my Mr Nice Guy Purp for about 2 weeks now! Thanks for watching.. if u have any questions or comments send th


  1. steveeb1269 says:

    looks great bro, audio is very low, can barely hear ya.

  2. capufool says:

    great looking plants man.. What cfl lights are you using in this grow?

  3. skunkmasta420 says:

    How do your buds come out so big? Cus you keep them short?

  4. DubShepp says:

    Nice plants, if you like the OG Kush you should check out my vids with my Chem4/SFV OG kush strain. New video will be up today.

  5. dkbcps990 says:

    nice grow

  6. NeoBlueBearZchannel says:

    Dude that’s to damn good for cfls

  7. NeoBlueBearZchannel says:

    One question how long do you veg them? Or flower them from seeds? And do u top them or lst?

  8. 20mookmook says:

    good shit sslickk like the vid i see u tryna get back on yo shit keep it up dont niglect the ladys

  9. MrFuckincredible says:

    who knows how long will it take to flower 2week old pants ?
    the same as a mature plant or what ?

  10. Tucsongrower says:

    Nice looking dam good.

  11. MaterialSociety says:

    @SSLICKK1 Wow, OG Kush is my favorite too, nice stalk sizes also, i used your hand when it was down there in comparison, healthy, and happy great video. ☮