Growing Marijuana 8 1/2 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diesel CFL Grow

Jrain Mics – Grime Time ft. Jokes & RelliK
February 2, 2012
5 Story NY Building used as Pot Factory
February 2, 2012

Growing Marijuana 8 1/2 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diesel CFL GrowIll be harvesting my OG kush plant tonight. And my Sour Diesel still has one more week. I’ve been flushing them for 10 days, and my Mr Nice guy plant has been flowering for about almot 2 weeks, As soon as I harvest the OG Ill replace it with that other vegging OG Kush plant, Ill be planting some new seeds outdoor as well, Thanks for watcing, leave any comments or questions, PEACE


  1. dkbcps990 says:

    @SSLICKK1 lol ok cant wait to mines are that last grow was 14wet idk dry yet still curing

  2. no36t says:

    khola lol

  3. 420STONEREXPRESS says:

    about the best kush i had seen in 2012 keep making vids man check out my video i made of me smoking out of my new glass bong ill make some more videos P&P

  4. jaydomification says:

    lookin good bro, og is one of my favorites.

  5. SSLICKK1 says:

    @daBrUDas520 thanks man, CFLs work pretty damn good! thanks for watching

  6. herbprophet says:

    Soon as I saw that OG i said OH GEE!

  7. SSLICKK1 says:

    @herbprophet LOL, thanks bro, Its coming along great! Thanks for watching, peace

  8. BigFro420 says:

    @herbprophet per square foot or cubic foot?

  9. TheCraZyCG says:

    Man dude! Your buds are looking Great! I agree with you about the hood and the orange hairs. lol That new Mylar you got is gonna make a big differance for you too. Keep it CraZy!!

  10. herbprophet says:

    It’s all about Lumens per square foot, try to calculate it in the 6000 lumen per square foot range

  11. SSLICKK1 says:

    @MrMJT420 yeah 100% CFLs, thanks for watching

  12. dkbcps990 says:

    og kush i say 17g wet nice grow with them cfls

  13. SSLICKK1 says:

    @dkbcps990 hell no! not wet! its like a ROCK! I think about 20-29 grams for sure DRY! ILL POST A FINAL DRY WEIGH IN, PEACE

  14. SSLICKK1 says:

    @DirtyA13 thanks

  15. daBrUDas520 says:

    Nice…shit! Cfl’s or not! Like I said b4! Nice nugg’s!
    Keep on Growin’…Keep on Smokin’

  16. DirtyA13 says:


  17. MrMJT420 says:

    No shit CFL lights. its looking good man keep it up. I think Im going to try some of those CFL’s lights