Growing Marijuana 7 weeks into Flowering CFL Grow

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February 3, 2012
3 oils in one bowl — Macro 1080p
February 4, 2012

Growing Marijuana 7 weeks into Flowering CFL GrowMy AutoFlower plant is now 11 or 11 1/2 weeks old, and 7 weeks into Flowering, My OG kush and Sour Diesel is a couple days apart in Flowering, the OG kush is about 8 into flower and the Sour D is about 6 days into flower, I just planted a new Mr Nice guy and a new OG Kush plant, the MNG is about 2 weeks old and the og is still in the ground, I bought a new 150 watt bulb last night, thanks for watching leave somments or questions, peace keeep growing keep blazing


  1. GROWZZZ says:

    Got a fresh bowl loaded in the pipe at 1:29 🙂 plants are looking good as always were and how much did you get those seeds for and from?

  2. kushedoutti says:

    Check out my closet grow room!! Please

  3. bweez100 says:

    clone it bro or bend her or tie her down lookin gd tho


    Give em some cal mag 🙂 nice grow Bro looks good dude keep it up

  5. FrankLucasH2O says:

    clone the top. shoots will grow.

  6. MrMJT420 says:

    you got to super crop that bad bitch our tie her down but its looking good

  7. SSLICKK1 says:

    @KidReefer305 i was going to tie her down but the stemis like a rock, it fills like its going to break,

  8. Gussyville says:

    Tie the Homie down…

  9. GROWZZZ says:

    white wiskers Lol 🙂

  10. SSLICKK1 says:

    @louisamcevoy1 yeah thats probably what im goig to do, just let her grow straight up, with one main Colas,

  11. Ponchovillla14 says:

    @SSLICKK1 Lol man I was fucked up man the bud was so dense holy shit it didn’t even brake lol but it was some good shit

  12. MegaApax says:

    either clone it or super crop it bruh.

  13. Ponchovillla14 says:

    nice video im high lol

  14. rozmanyr says:

    go buy 600watt hps light! my2cents

  15. Ricky420Ross says:

    Tie the sour diesel down!

  16. SSLICKK1 says:

    @sweettosmoke thanks bro, ill post a new video right now, thanks for watching

  17. OrganicBros says:

    AF’s are awsome, do what you thinks the best, dont tie it if you feel it going to beak. Forsure though ill stay updated because of the OG kush, we have are OG kush poppin off Check out our closet CFL grow. good buds. Stay medicated.

  18. sweettosmoke says:

    sweet vid homie.CAnt waith to see the dry weight on that.

  19. KidReefer305 says:

    Tie it down. Get more branches… more yield

  20. SSLICKK1 says:

    @MrMJT420 i super cropped it two times and when i try to tie her down it fills like its going to break

  21. SSLICKK1 says:

    @Ponchovillla14 thanks! ALWAYS HIGH 🙂

  22. TheCraZyCG says:

    Sour Diesel is awsome. Soon becoming my favorite. I realy like one big bud, but Sour D needs to produce. Tie the lady down and top her. She stretches as much as OG Kush so don,t run out of room. Keep it CraZy!!

  23. louisamcevoy1 says:

    One BIg bud all the way down let her grow up, that’s what you need to do xx