Growing Marijuana 7 weeks into Flowering CFL Grow

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February 3, 2012
3 oils in one bowl — Macro 1080p
February 4, 2012

Growing Marijuana 7 weeks into Flowering CFL GrowMy AutoFlower plant is now 11 or 11 1/2 weeks old, and 7 weeks into Flowering, My OG kush and Sour Diesel is a couple days apart in Flowering, the OG kush is about 8 into flower and the Sour D is about 6 days into flower, I just planted a new Mr Nice guy and a new OG Kush plant, the MNG is about 2 weeks old and the og is still in the ground, I bought a new 150 watt bulb last night, thanks for watching leave somments or questions, peace keeep growing keep blazing


  1. GROWZZZ says:

    Got a fresh bowl loaded in the pipe at 1:29 ­čÖé plants are looking good as always were and how much´╗┐ did you get those seeds for and from?

  2. kushedoutti says:

    Check out my closet´╗┐ grow room!! Please

  3. bweez100 says:

    clone it bro or bend her or tie her down´╗┐ lookin gd tho


    Give em some cal mag ­čÖé nice grow Bro´╗┐ looks good dude keep it up

  5. FrankLucasH2O says:

    clone the top. shoots will´╗┐ grow.

  6. MrMJT420 says:

    you´╗┐ got to super crop that bad bitch our tie her down but its looking good

  7. SSLICKK1 says:

    @KidReefer305 i was going to tie her down but the stemis like a rock, it fills like´╗┐ its going to break,

  8. Gussyville says:

    Tie the Homie´╗┐ down…

  9. GROWZZZ says:

    white wiskers Lol´╗┐ ­čÖé

  10. SSLICKK1 says:

    @louisamcevoy1´╗┐ yeah thats probably what im goig to do, just let her grow straight up, with one main Colas,

  11. Ponchovillla14 says:

    @SSLICKK1 Lol man I was fucked up man the bud was so dense holy´╗┐ shit it didn’t even brake lol but it was some good shit

  12. MegaApax says:

    either clone it´╗┐ or super crop it bruh.

  13. Ponchovillla14 says:

    nice video´╗┐ im high lol

  14. rozmanyr says:

    go buy 600watt´╗┐ hps light! my2cents

  15. Ricky420Ross says:

    Tie the sour diesel´╗┐ down!

  16. SSLICKK1 says:

    @sweettosmoke thanks bro, ill post a new video right now, thanks for´╗┐ watching

  17. OrganicBros says:

    AF’s are awsome, do what you thinks the best, dont tie it if you feel it going´╗┐ to beak. Forsure though ill stay updated because of the OG kush, we have are OG kush poppin off Check out our closet CFL grow. good buds. Stay medicated.

  18. sweettosmoke says:

    sweet vid homie.CAnt waith´╗┐ to see the dry weight on that.

  19. KidReefer305 says:

    Tie it down.´╗┐ Get more branches… more yield

  20. SSLICKK1 says:

    @MrMJT420 i super cropped it two times´╗┐ and when i try to tie her down it fills like its going to break

  21. SSLICKK1 says:

    @Ponchovillla14 thanks! ALWAYS´╗┐ HIGH ­čÖé

  22. TheCraZyCG says:

    Sour Diesel is awsome. Soon becoming my favorite. I realy like one big bud, but Sour D needs to produce. Tie the lady down and top her. She stretches as much as OG´╗┐ Kush so don,t run out of room. Keep it CraZy!!

  23. louisamcevoy1 says:

    One BIg bud all the way down´╗┐ let her grow up, that’s what you need to do xx