Grow Room Maintenance

Sex Drugs And Plants Part 4
November 27, 2011
4000 watt HPS Grow room comming soon! Chillin with Smaukin’
November 28, 2011

Grow Room MaintenanceJust going over the things i do to prepare for each grow along with an upgrade or two. Thanks for watching!


  1. SuperActiveInfinity says:

    you have the best video series going at the moment good stuff ,big fan of ur video intro animation

  2. ipawdmaster says:


  3. ChooseFreedomNow says:

    Shiny new room, good routine, and cute girls. What more can we ask for 😀

  4. LUVHERB247 says:

    are those green cfls there so u can work when the lights are off?

  5. CaliKushGrower says:

    Hahah my mutha fuckin nigga!! Got bitchs on deck workin!!

  6. Q333W says:

    cool vid

  7. GrowerMD says:

    @TeamGRN420 havent had to yet, id expect about once a year.

  8. ppzzzz0 says:

    2 hot girls. U the man md you the man

  9. medicropper says:

    Man I’m jealous. You’ve got 2 helpers! I need someone to clean my rooms!

  10. mjbotanist says:

    GrowerMD man thanks for these videos im gonna set up my new grows just like yours….1love

  11. HolisticPlantHealth says:

    You should also be opening the housing of your portable AC to access and clean the evaporator fins and drip tray in addition to the filter for the condenser. Dust build up on the evaporator will make your AC work harder and less effectively. A dirty drip tray will breed mold.

  12. GrowerMD says:

    @LUVHERB247 yes

  13. gocrazy6767 says:

    no shit mr next issac newton.

  14. CaliKushGrower says:

    I love yo videos bro u put a lot of time n effort into this shit! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  15. MrFrostynugs831 says:

    @franklucash20 i feel u on that one homie she did have a booty

  16. FrankLucasH2O says:

    Black pants had a nice ass. I’m just saying…

  17. GrowerMD says:

    @HolisticPlantHealth ill have to look into that. my AC is new and 100% evaporative operation so im not sure if i need to or not. Thanks for the input.

  18. TeamGRN420 says:

    how often do you replace your bulbs?

  19. CaliKushGrower says:

    Damn put me on wit the one in the blue jeans, she got a fat ass bro!!