Grand daddy purp /gbn update

Hashbean420 Joins TSU! OMFG!!
December 19, 2014
Top 10 Cannabis News Stories of 2014 – Year of Progress
December 19, 2014

“BEEFY” lol gbn thanks for the term. A weekish after topping. 1 month & 1 week in veg.


  1. theganjaman says:

    fine job looking great

  2. unk40rm says:

    They looking great really getting big! Doing a fine job! I would move lil
    one with the south too

  3. AMVgrow Indoor Grower says:

    Look’n good over there^^ though i thought last time they were black!? U
    try’n different colors? Any ways keep grow’n and i’ll keep watch’n^^

    Have Fun Growing^^ 

  4. hood-grower.KG says:

    Lookin real nice

  5. smokesalotjohnny 420 says:

    Thanks for the update

  6. OGBobby Pa says:

    Oh yeah, you’re doing a great job with them. Keep it up. ❤️

  7. OGBobby Pa says:

    Oh, choking the chicken out of their plants. I laughed my ass off at that