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May 13, 2014
Marijuana Industry Skeptical of Banking Bill, Beefs Up Security – CBS News
May 13, 2014

GIVE ME A DAB.... STAT!!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. kevin monaco says:

    grown it my self

  2. 234cheech says:

    ya got a grow finally

  3. 234cheech says:

    yo yuri

  4. kevin monaco says:

    yeah i got like this 600 dollar dehumdifirer

  5. 234cheech says:

    cool buddy

  6. ColoursBrehh says:

    Hey everyone!

  7. robbie parker says:

    but cheers all.. all is great.. good vibes to all as always

  8. Hoss IVXX says:

    thats awesome

  9. HappyHighTime says:

    Yoooooo Loading a bowl =]

  10. yuri michigan says:

    hht in this mofo

  11. kevin monaco says:

    for resign production at the end

  12. kevin monaco says:

    yeah we have a property where it is my moms cool with it

  13. robbie parker says:

    yo hht

  14. HappyHighTime says:

    suuup @iron @Cheech @Yuri @Robbie !!

  15. kevin monaco says:


  16. 234cheech says:

    yo happy

  17. kevin monaco says:

    its obama og

  18. 234cheech says:


  19. kevin monaco says:

    found this one thats really good its Affganny pakistanny

  20. Mate G says:

    robbie u unsubbed me quit playin

  21. kevin monaco says:

    my first crop comes out of it the 3rd week of july

  22. kevin monaco says:


  23. 234cheech says:

    thats it]

  24. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    What up HHt

  25. robbie parker says:

    i was never saying shit about anyone or trying to start anything mateG… i
    unsubbed you cuz i figured you probley wanted me to bro

  26. 234cheech says:

    hows it going buddy

  27. yuri michigan says:


  28. kevin monaco says:

    its a sealed room to

  29. kevin monaco says:

    yeah you would see this site in say its perfecto for what im doing in it

  30. kevin monaco says:

    there not gonna be huge plants im doing smaller ones in like a SEA OF green
    cause the size of this room

  31. trendyasdabbers says:


  32. 234cheech says:


  33. yuri michigan says:

    i can finally sub ppl without having to go to their page

  34. robbie parker says:

    i didnnt see you in here mate G

  35. robbie parker says:

    no beef bro.. cheers

  36. yuri michigan says:

    yo cheech sup mate

  37. kevin monaco says:

    even got co2

  38. 234cheech says:

    nice plety

  39. robbie parker says:

    where did you go G

  40. kevin monaco says:

    yeah im happy i shouldnt be getting meds from other people

  41. 234cheech says:


  42. kevin monaco says:

    its gotta be one of my new favorites

  43. Hoss IVXX says:

    i need something to change my life around, one is to move out of arizona

  44. 234cheech says:

    nice still smoking the mazzar

  45. kevin monaco says:


  46. HappyHighTime says:

    Yo Nay! Sup Trendys! THUMBS UP! =]

  47. yuri michigan says:


  48. robbie parker says:

    and cuz im sure you unsubbed me hahahaha

  49. yuri michigan says:

    kepper lol i havent seen or heard bout him in a while whats he up to lol

  50. kevin monaco says:

    its purple iits pretty for a OG cross