GHOST’S OG-Flushing Week 9!

Epic Journey To Orlando Part 21 “Orlando 3!”
February 16, 2015
February 17, 2015

Flushing this girl out real nice here for the next few weeks.. The lower buds are thickening up really nicely and the Ambers are starting to appear on more of the buds throughout the canopy…


  1. skinny lee says:

    Yes bruv I’m feeling that girl there. Maximise that space.

  2. Action 74D says:

    Finishing nice

  3. MyEvilLaugh says:

    I wanna smell it, lookin real real good! 

  4. Mark Thompson says:

    Nice work bro;) can’t wait to see the weigh-in;)

  5. MN WAKEnBAKE says:

    Lookin good bro!

  6. Hootaville Flawda says:

    lookin good lookin good bra…you got alot of trimming ahead of ya lol

  7. rghands711 says:

    New to your channel. SCROG looking very nice. What kinda LED’s do you use?
    I grow with 12 x 1200W Mars II 3w diodes. Noticed if I keep the temperature
    around 85 I yield 15-20% more a plant (just something that works for me).
    Again beautiful looking ladies and thanks for sharing you grow. Growers

  8. AutoMagic420 says:

    she ripe bro

  9. NASSCAR707-GTG says: