FTB2015 Update #2 Day 6

April 26, 2015
White Rhino Update
April 27, 2015

I am showing the progress the beans have made in 6 days. Please be 18 years or older to watch this video if you are not please click off this video. Also, If you are 18 years or older. Follow…


  1. Jam Packed says:


  2. Old Fart Grows says:

    Brah, your garden is nice and neat. Puts mine to shame. Gotta up my game.
    and one trick I picked up from CO Finest, was to use a welders number 5
    glass for a filter in the LED lighting when viewing or filming. Five bucks
    and you’re going to love it.

  3. Mr Home Grown says:

    Old Fart Grows,
    ThanksYou are too funny! My Grow room is not all the way finished. I still
    have to hang a door, lights ,and a fan and filter in the flower room. Then
    I still have to get Big D to help me with the outside wood walls. Then I
    can say I am done for while. Oh I forgot I have to still put in the stuff I
    ordered. A humidity and dehumidifier controller, my CO2 meter and tank,
    plus make my big DWC setup along with all the small 5 gallon ones I will
    use in Veg and flower if I have too. I might just use Promix for some of
    the plants. So I will have Promix and DWC going. It all takes time. You are
    far more ahead of me. I just have the areas that I am filming in decent,
    lol. Your grow room hits the badunka out of mine. You have all the fancy
    gadgets and bells and whistles. Thanks for th einfo on the welding glasses,
    I will try it out. Ihave to up my game to get people to want to watch my
    videos. You have the know how to edit your videos to make them look so good
    and way more professional then mine. I wish I could make my videos look as
    good as yours. A;so I want to thank Jam Packed for liking my video and
    anyone else that takes the time to view it. Just Please remember to like
    and subscribe, that is what keeps this grow channel going. you make it
    worth while if I can see you like what I am doing.
    Mr Home Grown