From Seed to Harvest – Day 7 – Week 1 – Experimentations and Questions

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November 17, 2014
trees – Mon Nov 17 02:04:17 EST 2014
November 17, 2014

Day 7 of the Series – From Seed to Harvest – Indoor Closet Grow still in progress. Closet is 5ft left to right, 1ft 10in from door to back, 4ft 10in from ground up. Smoking out of my 10 arm…


  1. Justin Brower says:

    It’s not good to let the root mass bundle up in that solo cup, i waited til
    the first node was completed on its way to finishing the second and
    transplanted to a 2 gall and the final transplant into a 5 gal when i grew
    regulars. You’ll stunt the plant and have the roots form a ball instead of
    reaching out like it should. 

  2. Drew boy says:

    did you germinate those at 85? Your room shouldn’t go over 80 mid 70s is
    best!! If you germinate regular seeds(non-fems) at the cooler temps of 70
    to 74 then you will get a far better female percentage!!! O and if you
    start in solo cups wait until they have a larger root mas to transplant
    them. I hope i didn’t come off like a NO IT ALL lol i just want to help you
    out!! peace and pot!!! 

  3. Eron Johnson says:

    Nice update bro 

  4. Grow420Guy says:


  5. Justin Brower says:

    Those seeds are definitely sent bro! They got on the evening flight and are
    going through security in anchorage, they usually sit there for a couple
    days cause they need to sort out the mail from barrow haha. Those temps are
    Definitely keep the humidity above 50 though, you want to keep them
    seedlings warm and keep them around mid 70s as they grow older with the
    humidity around 65% still, indoor growing needs warmer temps, when i grew
    regular photos i found it takes alot of fricking stress to get a male or
    hermie plant. Its the genetics of the seed that determines the sex. Not
    temps or humidity. But like i said, just takes alot of stress to end up
    with males or hermies. 79 is a good temp try keep them at even jf it means
    cracking the door a little. A little trick is to add a humidier to raise
    the humidity too or a big bowl of warm water.