From Seed to Harvest – Day 5 – Looking good Looking good

Garden update 11/14/14
November 15, 2014
Marijuana Grow California 2014 The Keeper (Open)
November 15, 2014

Day 5 of the Series – FSTH – Indoor Closet Grow still in progress. Everything looking good, nothing too new or exciting this episode. Stay tuned for next episode bros. Around 600$ worth of…


  1. Eron Johnson says:

    From Seed to Harvest – Day 5 – Looking good Looki…:

  2. Grow420Guy says:

    Day 5 is here! Everyone is looking beautiful (: LIKE,COMMENT,SHARE if you
    feel like it.

  3. Eron Johnson says:

    U should try 16 8 that way I do veg master’s saves money on light bill 

  4. Jack Frost says:

    I’m trying to grow about 2-4 plants for personal medicinal use. What would
    you recommend?